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Maxbounty Terms & Promotional Methods?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Dilhan, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Dilhan

    Dilhan Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing and could someone help me with below questions?

    01. Recently I got approved for Maxbounty and I noticed that some offers can't promote using some traffic sources. As an example, I'm promoting an offer with my own landing page & if that offer doesn't allow social media traffic, what that really means?

    (A) I can't directly send traffic to offer using social media
    (B) I can't use social media what so ever to send traffic to offer even though my landing page

    I have asked about this prom AM and he told me that I can't use social media what so ever.(B)

    If that's the case I can't promote that offer on a website which gets social media traffic. Because it works the same way as a landing page. (Social Media ==> Landing page/ Blog ===> Offer)

    02. Can't I place a banner on my social media (Download the promotion banner, make a post with a link to offer and pin on social media) pages to drive traffic to offer, if offer allowing social media traffic? Doesn't it against Maxbounty terms promoting this way?

    So can anyone explain these properly to me? Because I don't wanna get into trouble promoting using none allowed traffic sources and methods
  2. Voluum