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  1. D

    Maxbounty Terms & Promotional Methods?

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing and could someone help me with below questions? 01. Recently I got approved for Maxbounty and I noticed that some offers can't promote using some traffic sources. As an example, I'm promoting an offer with my own landing page & if that offer doesn't allow social...
  2. Evan Zuvic

    MaxBounty - Voluum - Bing - GOAL: Learn.

    After testing a few different offers only one produced conversions. CPA Offer Payout: $1.20 Revenue to Date: $4.80 Spend: $24.38 ROI: -80.31% Data we have compiled: 61clicks, 10,545 impressions, 0.58% Avg. CTR, $0.40 Avg. CPC. I believe there isn't too much data to work with because we...