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  1. YeezyPay

    Analyzing Why Google Ads Sometimes Generates Untargeted Traffic: Incorrect Keyword Choice, Improper Targeting Settings, and Other Reasons

    Many times, even experienced affiliate marketers and PPC specialists find themselves in a situation where their ads or advertising campaigns on Google Ads bring in visitors who are not interested in the offer they are promoting. While this problem may be evident to some, not everyone understands...
  2. RoseMetal

    What's the best SEO keywords?

    Looking in SEO keywords. What's the best keywords for using top keywords tools? Looking in Weight loss and E-commerce keywords. Many keywords tools but what's the best for above niches? Keywords optimisation keys? Using long tail or short tail keywords?
  3. S

    The Importance of Keywords

    Keyword density and placement are important parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. Search engine spiders scan a page in a way that makes it important to place your keywords where they will be detected and recognized as a keyword, so that your article will come up when someone...
  4. thehustler

    No data with Bing KW planner and AdWords

    Hey, two things on this: 1) I just launched a Bing PPC campaign for the lovely people of Ireland. But I was having an issue with Keywords. Bing KW planner only has the location of Northern Ireland in the UK and NOT the whole of Ireland, so I asked the support and he said KW planner is only...
  5. thehustler

    Regarding country specific Keywords

    Hey, when doing a geo-targeted offer, we should always select use native language keywords for targeting right? Like for example, we should use Dutch KWs for an offer for Germany, right?
  6. thehustler

    Regarding Keywords for CPA offers and Affiliate products

    Hey, suppose a KW has over 800 K searches a month and is high competition and current bid according to the Bing KW planner is $0.80, so if I put my bid @ $1, my ad will get shown in front of the people searching that KW, right? Also, how good it is to rank a 20,000 searched volume with high...
  7. thehustler

    Highly targeted KWs shows 0 competition and 0 searches.

    Hey, in Bing KW planner, a couple of highly targeted exact keywords and 2-3 word phrases show 0 competition, 0 searches, and 0 bid. But I checked two of those in google search it shows 880/month and 390/month. I'm gonna to run Bing PPC. So, do you think I should just go ahead and try my luck...
  8. ASOdesk

    3 Steps to creating your semantic core

    Introduction In before we dive into the steps of creating (building) your semantic core lets first find out what semantic core actually is. Semantic core – a set of keywords (key phrases) that describe an application in the most transparent way possible. As you probably already realised this is...
  9. J

    Which Is the best way to improve keyword ranking in google index

    Friends Which is the best way to improve keyword ranking in google index. Which the best Seo activities to improve keywords ranking in google index.
  10. I

    How do i do SEO to get high traffic?

    How do i do SEO research? I'm frustrated because it seems i can't do it right. I try to look up keywords in the Google Keyword Planner and i use some long-tail-keywords but get very little traffic. Can someone please critique my blog and see what might be wrong...
  11. dontbejello

    Review This Question On Keywords

    Okay so I found this board keyword I was really trying to build off of , however, its has 1mil searches but the competition is low should I shoot for it or still go for long tail
  12. Mangosix

    Why positive reviews are so important for an app?

    According to the research, nearly 73% people download an app according to the reviews and ratings of this app. If your app have many 4/5 stars, of course users like to download it. At the same time, in the Apple and Google ranking algorithm, reviews and ratings are also the important reference...
  13. E

    How does "Keyword" works in Traffic Source??

    Hello veterans out there, I came across several Traffic Sources that offer "Keywords" options. How does this keywords reach the end user? Is it traffic source has some collaboration with some of the search engine and it display when user put in the exact keywords on the searching? Or some...
  14. notoriouskrock

    Review Home Page Indexed, But Not Ranking For Any Keywords. Please Help!

    Hello everyone, I have posted this question on another website, but have not gotten any direct feedback on the problem. I hope an SEO expert can certainly help! As the title states, the home page to my website is indexed in Google, but it is not ranking for my targeted keyword, or any key...
  15. jonathan vodini

    How Many Keywords?

    hi there guys! wanted to ask to all of you how many keywords for testing you usually use when launching a Bing Ads campaign, cheers Jonathan
  16. Mobidea

    Media Buy Keywords

    When you’re getting started in Media Buying, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of info thrown at you from every thread, help section, and shady website. Nonetheless, before even considering becoming a beginner, you need to learn some basics. One of the things that you gotta know...
  17. TheFennex

    Domain name for my Landing Pages

    Hi, I'm buying a VPS server to host my Landing pages, And I'm wondering if the domain name quality can affect the conversions rate? Should I go for a "Brandable" name, so I can use it as a fancy company website Or just some keyword stuffing domain name? Any thoughts of what keyword should I...
  18. C

    5 Simple Steps for Traffic Boosting SEO and Content Marketing

    SEO and Content Marketing are becoming interchangeable. Although they are fundamentally different, they yield the same results - increased visibility leading to more leads and sales. Here are 15 easy steps you need to consider implementing now! 1. Change the way you think about Keywords In the...
  19. jgimeno

    Exact, broad, phrase, etc.

    Hi I'm Jonathan from Spain, once you are starting to promote an offer, the first step, do you usually use exact phrase? Or you throw a complete list of keywords and then you start tweaking it reducing finally to a list of exact keywords? Thanks!