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When you’re getting started in Media Buying, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of info thrown at you from every thread, help section, and shady website.

Nonetheless, before even considering becoming a beginner, you need to learn some basics. One of the things that you gotta know is to unveil the meaning behind those acronyms that everyone’s talking about.

Want me to help? Gladly.

Here’s a list of 6 keywords that will be extremely important for you if you wanna earn big in this game:

1. CPA: Cost per acquisition, action, sale, subscription or conversion.

2. CPI: Cost per install. What you pay for every successful install. It's mostly associated with apps.

3. CR: Conversion Rate. The number of people who actually take action in relation to the number of total users who visit an offer, campaign or landing page. What's meant by "taking action"? It can be a sale, install, sign up, etc. It's basically a value that measures a campaign's performance.

4. CTR: Click Through Rate. The percentage of clicks compared to the impressions (views). It's a value that measures ad performance. If an ad has a good CTR value when compared to another, it means that, of the whole percentage of people who saw both ads, more people clicked on the one with the higher CTR and fewer on the one with the lower CTR. This means high CTR is the mark of an appealing ad; low CTR is the punishment for an ad which is lacking in the attraction department.

5. CPM: It’s the cost per one thousand impressions. What you pay for every thousand views of your banner/ad. Warning: you pay for each view, not for each user that's actually going to acquire the final product.

6. eCPM: Average revenue you may earn per each thousand offer visits.
It's a mix of values: it's payout + conversion rate. Example: you may have two offers with the exact same conversion rate - that means that, per each thousand visits, you get the same number of signups. However, if the payout of each offer is different, the value of the revenue will be different. That's why the eCPM is so important - because it relates these two crucial variables at once.

Hope this helped.

Remember: You have to understand the basics and actually take time to ponder upon the real meaning of these definitions. That's the only way for you to reach your true Media Buy potential!

This is a fierce environment but I'm sure you'll succeed!




Those are the basic definition of affiliate marketing. So if you are the newbie, then I suggest you to learn those apparently. You'll often need in the journey of affiliate marketing. Thanks so mobidea for sharing some vital info.