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5 Simple Steps for Traffic Boosting SEO and Content Marketing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by CapitalSEO, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. CapitalSEO

    CapitalSEO Affiliate affiliate


    SEO and Content Marketing are becoming interchangeable. Although they are fundamentally different, they yield the same results - increased visibility leading to more leads and sales. Here are 15 easy steps you need to consider implementing now!

    1. Change the way you think about Keywords
    In the past, all you had to do with respect to keyword research was pick a keyword, optimize your title, body text, headers and meta data with that one keyword. These days are gone. Google has evolved to understand user intent when doing doing searches and delivers results according to the broad intent of your query.

    You still need to pick a keyword for each piece of content; now however, consider how others search variations of that keyword, and include general phrases and concepts into your content.

    For example, say your article talks about high daycare costs. You need to include commonly-searched phrases in your article:

    1. Choosing the right daycare
    2. Are more expensive daycares providing better care?
    3. Steps to make sure your child is safe at daycare
    2. Outreach top influencers to promote your content
    Reach out to influencers with known authority in the area of your subject matter to request they share your content if they find it to be useful. It will to their benefit to share content that is timely, relevant, fresh, unique, and most of all, useful. They are always looking for quality content to publish and share. This will provide you the benefit of reaching a larger audience.

    3. Internal linking
    Always link to other relevant content within your site as this as been documented to be a Google ranking factor. Do not overdo it, this can be as bad as keyword stuffing and we all know that can negatively effect your SEO.

    4. Choose your Page Title Wisely
    Although titles should include a keyword, remember to write for people, not just for search engines. Titles are like headlines. You'll want to catch their attention with something that resonates and is meaningful. One widely used technique is to use numbers in your title: "5 useful Social Media tools". A title like this will draw in anyone how wants to automate social media activities.

    5. Make sure your website is Mobile-Friendly
    Early this year, Google announced it will give preferential treatment to websites that are mobile friendly. Google recognized that the world is now consuming the majority of their content on their mobile devices. So to increase user experience on these devices, they have made it mandatory for all websites to pass their mobile friendly test.

    What do you think of our list? Please leave a comment below.
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  2. newbidder
  3. mentat47

    mentat47 Affiliate affiliate

    @CapitalSEO.......... I totally agree with you in these four or five points...these steps are the key to increase your and your content ranking in the busy world of Affiliate marketing.... People run here for traffic and they say at the end that the traffic is very low very low.. but if they follow the steps they will definately get good traffic without running here and there... You need to focus on what you are doing and how you are doing that's the main key points....Traffic is not the issue the issue is your performance and the way you are handling things up... Nice Information you shared dear with our people of AM
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  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I am in total agreement with your tips. One that stood out for me through the reading is that which you make your website mobile friendly. In other words it is called responsiveness. You need to take into account the fact that majority of internet users today gain access through mobile phones. You therefore need to have it well designed so as to capture this kind of audience and improve your traffic. Choosing the title of the page makes the content stand out even before the reader goes through. Make sure it is catchy.
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  5. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    More informative. Thanks for sharing.
  6. samir09

    samir09 Affiliate affiliate

    very informative post thanks for sharing.
  7. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Great guide, @CapitalSEO .

    Re G understanding user intent, I personally hate that. They don't understand me, at all. They so often show me stuff other than what I've specifically asked for, drives me crazy. I've actually stopped using their search engine, except when I can't find info elsewhere.

    I've felt for a while now, that we should write for our readers, not G. Happy readers are typically loyal, G doesn't give a damn about us. And let's face it, it's the readers who provide the leads/sales.
  8. HelenVendo

    HelenVendo Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Very useful post.
    Fully agree that you website must be mobile-friendly. When my website was not responsive there was not so many visitors and subsequently purchases (it was like an eshop) and it changed dramatically after I've made it mobile friendly.
    Now I understood that I was losing so many clients every day.
  9. Anddrew

    Anddrew Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the topic. You are very accessible and clearly presented. I support all the points. Especially important is mobile version of the site and the headlines not only for search engines but also for people.
  10. yesuplizard

    yesuplizard Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting information!
  11. roydehart

    roydehart Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting post shared !!

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