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  1. kingmati

    What is Keyword Targeting in SEO?

    Keyword targeting in SEO is to target a particular keyword around which new content is created or old content is optimized. All this is done to rank your website at the top. Remember to target only those keywords that are related to your niche. Below is the process on how you can choose a...
  2. kingmati

    Are misspelled keywords useful for SEO?

    The simple answer is no, you should not use misspelled keywords for the purposes of SEO. And here's a couple of reasons why. First, to rank well for a phrase each page should be optimized for 1 main a few supporting phrases. So, if you want to rank a page for a misspelled keyword, you should...
  3. kingmati

    What is keyword prominence in SEO?

    The prominence of your keywords inside essential sections of your web page is referred to as keyword prominence. Specifically, how near your search phrase is to the TITLE tag, header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), and meta DESCRIPTION at the top of the page. Your most essential keyword phrase should...
  4. kingmati

    What is a generic keyword in SEO?

    Keywords that broadly define the goods or services are known as generic keywords. They have a broader scope and can help you attract customers who are looking for something unique but don't have a specific brand or place in mind. Since generic keywords have a higher monthly search volume than...
  5. mdemamhossen

    Search engine optimization FRIENDLY WEBSITE

    Building a site can be a long task. As the proprietor of the site, you might need to zero in on every one of the viewpoints that include in making the site appears to the virtual universe of the web. Do you imagine that is simple? Obviously, it is difficult and that is the reason we have web...
  6. Honeybadger

    36-Point SEO Copywriting Checklist [2021]

    Alexa's 2021 checklist for writing blog posts Read the whole post to read full explanation and understand each action point in the list Create a starter headline Identify your audience Know your purpose Assign one primary keyword Use the primary...
  7. Honeybadger

    Ubersuggest Pro Traffic Campaign 2021

    Started using pro version of Neil Patel's Ubersuggest SEO software yesterday $500 is no small investment for software Was it worth the money? This thread will be about my experience with Ubersuggest Will try to add screenshots where possible You can sign up for the free version and try out...
  8. Honeybadger

    Capz ?

    How can I make post tags have capitalized letters? Trying to optimize tags for Google/Bing/Yaho/DuckDuckGo, So forum gets more organic search traffic Example From --> affiliate marketing in 2021 To --> Affiliate Marketing in 2021 URL --> TY
  9. Honeybadger

    GA4 Upgrade - Does Google Store Rankings?

    I recently transferred all my Google Search Console and Google Analytics sites to a new Google account profile (in order to upgrade from Universal Google Analytics to the recommended Google Analytics 4), and was very surprised to find the new accounts displayed historical Google Search data for...
  10. Honeybadger

    Using Wordpress? Activate Google Site Kit

    Google Site Kit is the best plug-in I've used for integrating Google Analytics with your Wordpress site, and displaying this data in your WP dashboard, it gives you fast actionable insights about how to improve your site (these changes are very new) Site Kit displays this data in WP dashboard...
  11. Honeybadger

    SEO Question --> On-Page #Anchor Considered a Link?

    Customer is browsing site Example. Customer clicks hyper link (to anchor on same page) Example. Is it considered like any other link? Will bounce rate drop to zero?
  12. Honeybadger

    Arrest Warning for SEO Meta Description

    You have the right to provide an appropriate meta description. Your meta description will be compared with your on-page content, to be used in Google search engine results pages. You have the right to monitor your competitor's meta description before adding your own meta description. You have...
  13. Nilesh Jha

    SEO updates for 2020

    Here we are now working on SEO for 2020. Any pointers you would like to mention here that would be beneficial in the following year.
  14. A.A. Qureshi

    Outsourcing SEO Service

    For a business, nothing is more important than a huge inflow of visitors and if your business works online then gathering traffic to your site works best. Gaining traffic for a site is not easy, people do paid promotions, run ads and what not to work upon their traffic density. What if I say...
  15. Nilesh Jha

    Search Engine Marketing

    What exactly is search engine marketing and how could we do it or use it for a brand?
  16. Indus Abstract

    Keyword is Not in SERP

    Hello Friends, One of my website keyword is not in SERP. 1 month back it was in 1st position but now it was not in SERP. And other keywords are in same positions, last cached was jan 25th. If I search that URL in google means it is available, only the keyword position is not there. So can you...
  17. johnmacwa

    Video SEO - How to Rank #1 in YouTube (2019)

    This is my first thread support me
  18. monikasinghofficial

    I am New Here. :)

    Ask me any question?
  19. candygirl

    Ask Me Anything Doing SEO for website, but minimal results?

    Hi, webmasters. In the past couple of months i am working on website in the removal and storage niche, which happens to be very competitive, and i try to combine most of my knowledge into it. I optimized the on-page, design looks great, content is alright, buttons to social media, almost...
  20. Andrewchris

    Does Yoast hurt your rankings?

    I started following all of yoasts suggestions lately. On SERPs that should be easy for me to rank on, I am showing at the 8th page and start dropping in rank from there. Sometimes I feel like I am keyword stuffing cause it wants me to put the keyword all over. Thanks for any help.