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  1. K

    5 Tips To Get More Clicks And Conversions

    5 Tips To Make People Click On Your Affiliate Links Making people click on your affiliate links is another step toward conversion. Most people won't click on links unless there is something in there for them. When they see links, they think: “what's in for me.” Below are some tips to get more...
  2. olufemi agbolade


    Its a pleasure joining this platform. I am an internet marketer, an enterpreneur and a life coach
  3. Honeybadger

    15 Things I Hated About Internet Marketing in 2020

    Everyone have some pet hates, just wish people stops doing it, well I'm clearing out all junk from 2020 so it's some things are like red rag to the bull Clickbait You Tube thumbnail (not still from video) Not requested popups, notifications, slideouts Content that doesn't answer question...
  4. AdFlyTeam


    Hey guys! Happy to be part of this community! Some of you may have heard of us.:) Greetings from the AdFly Team * Some promotional content removed by Admin * .
  5. Deeptanshu

    10 Traffic Sources for Business and Internet Marketing Alexa Rank: 271 Alexa Rank: 333 Alexa Rank: 442 Alexa Rank: 535 Alexa Rank: 1002 Alexa Rank: 1108 Alexa Rank: 1300 Alexa Rank: 1841 SocialTimes Alexa Rank: 2962...
  6. Claire Harbour

    What's The Best Internet Marketing Book You Have Read?

    I wanted to launch a small survey to hear everyone's thoughts. Please answer one little question... What is the best book you have read that's related to internet marketing? It doesn't have to be directly related to IM, but it should be a book that has improved your understanding or helped you...
  7. MrSharpie

    Restarting IM Journey

    Hi. I used to do some affiliate marketing through niche sites back around 2007 to 2010. I was somewhat successful. I dabbled in a few other things too. I haven’t made anything online in almost 10 years. I’ve forgotten a lot and also everything has changed. I’m not sure if you can still make...
  8. Tanay Kumar Das

    How to choose a niche?

    Don't go by seeing the price of the products you would be selling as an affiliate to choose your niche. First of all focus on your passion or knowledge. A niche in which you are knowledgeable is bound to be more easy for you to succeed. Create a blog or website , fill it with fresh quality...
  9. Tanay Kumar Das

    What is The Best Promotion Strategy in Facebook To Get Leads?

    Your approach to this account needs to be different than other websites. First of all Create a Group related to your KW and fill it with quality content. Remember not to use junk materials as it will have a negative effect. Offer something Free to download for the subscribers to keep them...
  10. Tanay Kumar Das

    How To Collect Leads or Do Email Marketing in Fb?

    Hi, All , This is my first post in this forum. Today I am going to discuss ways to get leads from Fb. We all know that Fb is one of the biggest platform in the world to monetize yourself but it should be done in the other way round. In this plat form there are many groups related to a niche...
  11. albahja

    Review What's The Most Important Factor For Success In AM?

    The most important part of success in affiliate marketing isn't your knowledge, or your bankroll, or your connections. It's your mindset. It's Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It's The Size Of The Fight In The Dog The most important factor in your success as an affiliate marketer is...
  12. BAMN


    New into the IM world, eager to learn and conquer! All and any advice welcome!
  13. asmadeus08

    Ask Me Anything SEO/Adwords/IM consulting

    Hey guys and girls. I wanna make some good things for the bbhf community again. So now I'm ready to provide 1 test free answer about any question related to internet marketing or SEO/Adwords. So fell free to contact me and ask about it. Consulting only via skype. All other questions here or pm...
  14. WeweMedia

    Complete List of TIERS & Countries

    If you are in the affiliate marketing industry, you are most likely familiar on the different types of TIERS of GEOs that are available. So, for those who doesn’t know the difference, I’ll explain briefly. In the internet marketing industry, we use TIERS to differentiate countries. Commonly, we...
  15. WeweMedia

    Affiliates Wanted Wewe Media - Exclusive Partner For Apple Music Program !!!

    We are an Exclusive Partner of Apple Music Program! We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Apple Music Program. This new partnership aims to provide our publishers the best offer quality to promote in Wewe Media Network. Here's a brief overview of Apple Music. Available in 115...
  16. WeweMedia

    Share Your List Of Essential Tools! (Internet Marketer Edition)

    There are thousands of interesting tools for internet marketer that is available on the internet. And some of them you just can't live without. This list below is what I use on daily basis as an internet marketer. Share yours! Media Buying Tools Adplexity - Spying tools for banners...
  17. N

    Hey! Experienced CPA Marketer and Cryptocurrency Fanatic Intro Post!

    Hey everyone, I have been doing CPA Marketing/Internet Marketing for awhile now and just decided to join this forum because I searched a cpa marketing question about iframe offers and this forum popped up. Right now I'm making anywhere from about $60-$200 per day with free traffic through CPA...
  18. G Chandra Shekhar Rao

    Hello Every One Here! This is Shekhar, Just joined this awesome forum..

    Hi I'm an internet marketer since 7yrs, I use to do ListBuilding, SoloAds, Flipping Sites etc and now started promoting some sort of CPA offers.. Came here to share experiences between us...Hope you people help me to do so... Thanks EveryOne!
  19. WeweMedia

    What makes a great network? (Open Opinion!)

    Hi all! I would like to know your opinions on what makes a great network, that will keep you coming back to...:) I've asked lots of our own affiliates and we've been receiving great feedback, critics, and opinions. So now I would like to ask you... Awesome members of AffiliateFix! Ok to be...
  20. C

    Binary Options & FaceBook Advertising Help Needed!!!

    Hello there, I am hoping someone can help answer this question please? I've been trading Binary Options for 2 years now and I have developed a trading strategy which requires the use of my software. I plan to develop a Course/Tutorial and sell it online. I have read conflicting arguments...