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What makes a great network? (Open Opinion!)

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by WeweMedia, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. WeweMedia

    WeweMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Hi all! I would like to know your opinions on what makes a great network, that will keep you coming back to...:)

    I've asked lots of our own affiliates and we've been receiving great feedback, critics, and opinions.

    So now I would like to ask you... Awesome members of AffiliateFix!

    Ok to be fair I'll start... as a veteran affiliate myself back then... I will consider this as a great network.

    - Offers that works for my campaign.
    - Better payouts than other networks.
    - Fast support.

    Well, that is just on top of my mind. Will be great to hear more feedback from you people ;) Moderator and Admin do chime in too... you are the seniors here...

    In any way have a great day! and all the best to your Internet Marketing journey!
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  2. Globaxy
  3. Certified

    AdCumulus New Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Good points. I'd add good communication and simplicity (clear guidelines, decent affiliate dashboard, quick setup, templates for creatives, etc. - this helps you save time, which is very important IMO).

    Before starting with a new affiliate network, the best thing is to check its reputation online (forums especially as the feedback there is usually very honest).
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