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  1. M

    Top Affiliates

    Hello Everyone!!! As part of my introduction: I am Hardik from M4trix Network. We are an affiliate network offering in-house top CPA offers. We supply them worldwide. Categories include trending consumer electronics, smart living gadgets, survival products, etc. Networkwide, Our payouts are...
  2. Make Money With CPA

    Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks?

    Hello Everyone? Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks? as an Advertiser? for example, i choose the offer from MaxBounty and promote my CPA offer to CPAbuild? as an Advertiser? can i do that? is this allow? Thanks
  3. MariaL

    LIVE CRYPTO TRAFFIC NEEDED - Weekly payouts - High CR - AI technology - all GEOs

    CPA network Trafficon (ex BoaElite) Looking for crypto traffic top AU / CA / Nordics / ES / CH / NL / BE / IT / UK strong tier - 2 exotics special mandarin desks weekly - daily payouts on CPA postpay base For all the details Skype: live:.cid.d23c553cbddcadf1
  4. alberto mt

    How much payouts are suitable for tier1 country soi offers (dating vertical)?

    i am alberto mt, affiliate manager from affvaly cpa network, we are direct advertiser also. we are looking for some information from you for managing our network best. * Edited by Admin * .
  5. S

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Hello everyone! I'm a Newbie. Please tell me as a beginner which CPA platform will be best for me?
  6. Aiden L

    How big of a budget to start running paid ads?

    Realistically how much money do you need to start running paid ads? Im currently in the weight loss niche but was trying to get conversions through setting up my own Facebook group and listing the offers in there, while providing quality weight loss tips.
  7. arshawons

    I need imonitize account for cpa

    Hi I am arshawons I need imonitize account. Bangladeshi sales manager not approved my account. I will all right answer but not approved me
  8. Julius Artemiev

    Network Wanted Looking for BestAdult Dating Smartlink network

    Looking for Best payout Adult Dating Smartlink network with best support for my social traffics. Like POF, MEETME, SEXTFUN, TIKTOK
  9. F

    Need expert advice on promoting Adult CPA CPL offers

    Hey There,I have been doing Cpa Affiliate marketting for 2 months but I have been facing problem to find a better Ad Network that will have better conversion,ROI. I have used plugrush but the conversion was only 1 for 1000 click. I need expert advice on promoting Adult Dating offers and game...
  10. R

    How long your CPA Campaign has gone?

    What was your longest duration campaign
  11. Nash_Sak

    New Member

    Good morning everyone. This is Nash_Sak an affiliate member and here to learn more on affiliate marketing
  12. M

    How to start with $ 50 to promote maxbounty products

    I lost a lot creating failed campaigns and gained nothing from them. How do I get started with $ 50 to promote products with a no-loss guarantee
  13. T

    [Intro Thread] New in CPA !

    Hi fellow marketers. I am about to start my CPA journey into Push Ads at first and start testing some things later this month so I hope I gain a good piece of insight through this forum which seems to be really helpful. I will start with a $2000 budget and Tier 2,3 countries. Any...
  14. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Required APK Android Traffic ~ Big Budget

    Hello Folks, Urgently looking for APK Android traffic for Geo : IN . Live reporting available. Feel free to contact me here or over skype
  15. parveenk2013

    Need Help In Scaling Up An Adult Dating Campaign

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to affiliate marketing and I want to share the data of a campaign I started this month and I'm looking for suggestions. After some research, I started a campaign on 16th May. I created 7 banners and 3 LPs to get started. Offer: Adult Dating DOI, Payout: $5...
  16. T

    Traffic for Hosting?

    Hello everyone, I have seen most of the persons are promoting the hosting campaigns. Can anyone please suggest how to get traffic to promote hosting?
  17. Latoya

    FB ads in a nutshell

    So I was doing tons of research (it’s 230am and I’m still searching) but there are things or holes to what needs to be done as a newbie to get started with CPA affiliate marketing. For instance, here is what I know so far. 1)Find good deal on affiliate site 2)take link to Facebook and create...
  18. harnur

    Which is the Best way to promote DATING Offers?

    for the last 1 month, i have been trying to promote dating offers via push/pop-under ads. I tried 20-30 campaigns. In some cases, i was able to break-even in most cases i got -50/60% loss. I tried to optimize my campaign but got nothing positive. The worst thing about these ad types is that...
  19. Latoya

    Trying to sell me.

    In my journey trying to learn on my own, ive joined CPA groups on FB and joined other FREE platforms to get started with this BUT.... every time I ask a question I’m always greeted with “I can help you, BUY My program” it’s like I can’t get started with some wannabe gurus tossing they programs...
  20. C

    Buying Traffic What is the best push ads network with low deposit for advertisers

    Hello comrades please help me to know the best push ads net work with low deposit to run my ads because most of them stars at 100 USD So if you know any with low deposit budget but with good results please tell me thanks guys