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Tanay Kumar Das

New Member
Hi, All ,
This is my first post in this forum. Today I am going to discuss ways to get leads from Fb. We all know that Fb is one of the biggest platform in the world to monetize yourself but it should be done in the other way round. In this plat form there are many groups related to a niche. Suppose the "make money online " niche , you type KW related to as under:

work from home,
digital marketing,
make money online,
affiliate marketing,
internet marketing,
make money at home,
how to sell ebooks,
sell ebooks online,
Online business,
how to get leads from fb?,
email marketing,

Once you type you will get specific groups , Join those with high members and wait till your approval. After you get approved make catchy posts as under with colorful background to catch the attention. Some sample posts are given below:

" Get a FREE E-BOOK to Scale your Online Business with $100/day .Post Email id below."
Master The Art Of Getting Affiliate Commissions With A Free Ebook. Earn atleast $100/day. Post Email id to get it.

After your posts get approved in the groups , you will start getting email ids in the comment sections.
Make a pdf on "How To Scale Your Affiliate Business?" or something like that with links to your website in your PDF. Forward the PDF to your leads.Make sure that your PDF should offer some value to readers then only they willl be inclined to visit your blog or website. You can monetize your blog or website with affiliate links and earn money from there.
Even you can capture these email ids and do Email Marketing at the background . Please note that you can follow the above process for any Niche. Fb is an ocean and you can literally find quite a lot of groups there. You have to keep on repeating the above process on a consistent basis to get results.
Please keep in mind as not to overdo. Keep in 6-7 high value groups per day and then forward your pdf. Too much of Fb posting will get you banned so try to figure out an interval in your posts.

I hope it help you mates. Fel free to ask any Query.
You will get leads through email marketing, social media ads, and google ads... etc
Very well explained... thanks for the info...