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  1. D

    Back to Affiliate Marketing and Dreaming of $1,000,000!

    First week of my new Affiliate Journey :) ✅Traffic Source: PPC ✅Tracking Tool: I haven't used one yet, but I'm currently exploring options to find the best solution. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I believe that utilizing a tracker will help me boost my performance and...
  2. MyLead

    Building a chatbot that will earn everyday

    It was in 2016 that it got loud about artificial intelligence, including bots. This is the time when we first saw a fully-fledged chatbot based on Messenger, a popular messenger that is part of Facebook. However, it is worth getting interested in modern technologies now, which will be...
  3. OurDailyMuse

    Truth about earning from being an Affiliate

    I've signed up with Amazon Associates Central (one-Link for multiple countries), CJ Affiliate, JV Zoo, Admitad, Partnerize, PartnerStack, ArabClicks, Ascend (pepperjam), Cuelinks, Viglinks, + few individual advertisers such as fiverr. My concerns: 1. The bigger names have a strict deadline...
  4. A

    Hello Everyone!!

    hello, everyone. I am a new member to join the form. anyone help me affiliate traffic source and earning
  5. TravelingAffiliate

    Let's Talk About The Elepent In The Room - Tax and Money!

    Hey guys! I want to know how people pay tax. I know this is a big community with people from all around the world but I want to know how people from around the world pay tax or don't pay;). So... 1) Are you reporting on your earnings? 2) If yes, how much is the government tax that you are...
  6. 100kinvesting

    Taxes and affiliate marketers outside the US?

    Greetings all! I was wondering about a couple of tax related questions, regarding "non resident aliens," as the IRS defines them. So, if I have an affiliate program, and people outside of the US want to promote my affiliate products, how does that work, on taxes. The affiliates would not be...
  7. abdelhadi1234

    How to Start Earning From Dropshipping

    So how do you get products… where do you find them… how do you know if they’ll sell… how do you get them to customers? In the vast world of internet entrepreneurship, there are many answers to all of those questions. You could create your own products — but that can be a long and time-consuming...
  8. EdwardNihal

    Best way to making money

    Hay guys! I'm new in all of this and i'm still learning about all of this. My question for ya'll is: which method is best for making money and why this method? (i know that all this depend, all is individually...) And i will put here some method and you complete which one i miss because i...
  9. AffiliateDude

    This months earnings

    My earnings and profit report for this month. Overall Invested: $162 Revenue: $294.60 ROI: 81% This is just overall some campaigns had way better ROI than others.
  10. naveengondi

    My CPA earning Report

    my earning from cpa network this month
  11. shafi kasmani

    This Month Clickbank Earning is higher Profits than January to March

    I am very Happy first time This Month Clickbank Earning is higher Profits than January to March January to March $332 Total Profits I Promoted clickbanks Products on Both FREE Traffic and Paid Traffic i.e Bing ads, Solo ads, Youtube and Blogger website! Awesome, I surprised this month is...
  12. abdellahi

    my first payment with Mobidea

    hi everyone during past months i was only promoting health,diet offer but this month i decided to try mobile offer so i signed up on mobidea and tested 2 offers both DL after 2 days i paused one and keep the other wich generate me 56$ after 16$ spend i'll scale now since i was just trying to...
  13. yahyamedox

    Get Free Money $ 10 Every Day

    Whaff Rewards nice free application and very useful, by using this application you can get a gift in the form of Cash or Gift Card. It's real and proven whaff pays its users, official applications whaff Rewards can be downloaded at the Google Play store. Rewards whaff not only an award...
  14. LaboniKhatun

    Last 7 Days YouTube Statistic

    Here is the report of my last 7 days earning and view. After working about a month, I've generate this amounts of views last week by doing hard works.
  15. netflix

    Any way to start Earning Directly from Google Play Store

    Is there any way to start Earning Directly from Google Play Store ? Say i don't have any apps at play store, but like other affiliate networks, i will promote different offers from play store like different affiliate networks doing currently. By promoting others app can i earn money directly...
  16. netflix

    Suggestion Needed on earning from Google Play store

    Hello there, i have not enough knowledge, so want all the experts suggestion on how to start earning from Google Play store? Say, i don't have my own apps there, but i will promote other peoples / companies apps from play store, by promoting others app can i earn money directly from play store...
  17. LaboniKhatun

    Earned $578 last month rom CJ affiliate network

    After doing lots of work, I got the success. Here is my screenshot of my earning of CJ(formerly Commission Junction). I'm really happy with my earning :) :) But Still I want to scale up my earning & shine in future. Everybody please pray for me :)
  18. LaboniKhatun

    My Last 2 Week Earning From ClickBank

    Here is my last 2 week earning from ClickBank :) I am really very happy with my earning. NB : If you have any suggestion to increase earning more than this then please share with me.
  19. Tusohian

    $585 from JVZoo Yesterday

    After the hard working, I can reached my milestone earning of $585 in a day from JVZoo affiliate network. Here is my screenshot of the earning report bellow. Now I really want to say that Yesterday is one of the lucky day for me :) NB : All the sales is come from Bing PPC via my landing page...
  20. lucygrace269

    Earnings from Facebook

    What is the way to earn from Facebook?