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  1. Harshit_770

    Seeking Help Promoting CPA offers using Giveaways.

    Hii everyone, 1. How am I supposed to promote giveaway offers on Instagram? I have a way to expose my giveaway to 1 million giveaway/sweepstake interested USA people... But how can I utilitse that?? I need approval before posting and they might not approve my simple " Free paypal giftcard...
  2. Naomi_mimarosa

    Real Estate, Sweepstakes, Health, Streaming campaigns...

    Mimarosa is a premium CPA network that contains premium offers based on CPL, CPC and CPA. We have the best Tracking system that will give you access to detailed tracking reports so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns to do it’s best. We are offering top and trending offers with high...
  3. Zak_852

    Newbie Asking For Help!!!

    Hello everyone, I am just starting with CPA marketing and I always have this question on my mind. What is considered a relevant amount of data (clicks) in order to start tweaking your campaign? What are the early signs which indicates that your campaign has the potential to grow? Let's say I...
  4. junoon

    Hi i'm new to cpa marketing...

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing. Can somebody answers the following queries regarding CPA marketing... what are the best CPA networks to join? how as a beginner my application was approved by CPA networks? what is the best push ads traffic network for the adult niche?
  5. B

    How to view and check CPA affiliate offers ?

    Hi everyone... Please tell us " how to view USA affiliate offers from other countries ? " I'm asking this question because. I don't want to promote a particular CPA offer just blindly. with out knowing that offer is genuine or not... And in this case I tried VPN also to check the offer but it...
  6. Review Dingo

    New member with a question

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. Quick question... What's happening to Affiliate Networks like ClickBank? I got approved with Digistore24 for a CPA offer with 25% LIFETIME recurring commissions on G2 Crowd's #1 Online Reputation Management Software sold...
  7. CRYP.IM

    CRYP.IM affiliate network representative

    Hi folks! I'm a representative of the affiliate program CRYP.IM - our network is created by affiliate marketing professionals! I've been in affiliate marketing long enough. In addition, I have many other interesting hobbies in my life. I love space, science, sociology, movies, and Elon Musk...
  8. M


    hey i'm new to affiliate and i was approved for some CPA offers. i will be using Facebook. can someone help me understand Cloaking better? how it works? how to properly use it? maybe share a link so i can understand it better???
  9. Azadul-Bari

    Looking For High Quality traffic!!!

    Looking for high quality multi source traffic for our direct offers. Affiliates who have them and interested to work with us, please feel free to contact.
  10. Stasy

    Feedback about KMA(Kiss my ads) CPA network

    Hi everybody! Does anybody work with KMA network? What can you tell about this network?
  11. Abraham DiGiAff

    Hiring Remote Advertiser Manager needed

    Hello Folks Hope you are doing well Urgently looking for Business Development Manager / Advertiser Manager from ad tech at least 2 years Exp. Advertiser Manager Job Role : You have to recruit Direct advertisers/App Developer and make a strong advertiser base. Representing company in meetings...
  12. David Mali

    $500 in 3 Weeks With Totally Free Method

    Hello guys its David mali and this is quiet possibly the easiest way to make money online I've been doing it for 4 months now and I've been making a very decent amount of money Am doing affiliate marketing as you all know. and now without further do lets get into the topic of today's...
  13. makovcvet

    Hello everyone!

    Hey hey! My name is Kate, I want to say hello and wish everyone a good day! It's great to be here :)
  14. Chris CpaHall

    Affiliate Manager at CpaHall Affiliate Network

    Trying our best to take affiliate marketing to the advanced level
  15. Alexey Pearce

    Crypto&Forex&Lottery CPA and CPL direct offers

    Regulated Brand: Fin Market* [Forex/CFD]; CPA: starts from $500; Platform: Panda; Language: EN/FR/DE; GEOs: South Africa, Botswana, United Kingdom, Scandinavian country; Brand: 10 [Forex, Crypto, CFD]; CPA: starts from $500; Platform: Trader soft; Language: EN/DE; GEOs: New Zealand...
  16. GaryCook

    CPA network that allows sign ups from one device?

    Hi, I have various experience with marketing. Including being self-employed right now full-time with affiliate income from SEO. However, I want to get back into direct marketing lead generation monetised by a CPA network offer. I had a £26 phone number submit that my business partner and I...
  17. H

    Affliate Marketer and SEO Specialist

    Hi, I like to work in CPA networks and SEO fields. Believe in Self Study and going to be Millionaire Soon.
  18. R

    Introducing myself

    Hello, everyone, I am Refined by name and I am a Nigerian. I am a newbie who is ready and willing to learn. I have always wanted to go into Affiliate marketing, but at one point or the other there is always something to discourage me from taking the necessary steps. One of those things is the...
  19. B

    Confused between where to promote My CPA offer with a budget of 100$ ?

    Hello First let me say that i have some experiance in this domain and i've lunched some campaigns before and i'm quit fimiliar with tracking and i use ads bridge currently. So to the main subject : i have a budjet of 100$ and i've choosed a campaign that i think it's going to give some...
  20. O

    How To Setup tracking system to advertise in CpaLead

    Hello Guys, I wanted to advertise some affiliate offers from other networks in CpaLead Cpa campaign, but can't setup the tracking properly, where to put postback click id, cpalead acro etc........ Now I am confused I am using adsbridge tracking (Which will expire soon as it is a trial...