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CPA network that allows sign ups from one device?


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I have various experience with marketing. Including being self-employed right now full-time with affiliate income from SEO.

However, I want to get back into direct marketing lead generation monetised by a CPA network offer.

I had a £26 phone number submit that my business partner and I negotiated with the NHS in the UK. It was to promote their smoking cessation classes.

At its peak, we had 30 people around London in busy places like outside train stations with clipboards.

Just wondering, do you know any CPA networks that would allow me to do email submits for multiple people from my tablet? Doesn't have to be email only but that is how I see it working.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: Does not have to be high paying. Even a few dollars would be OK. The NHS thing was strict with conversions so I don't mind getting paid less per submit. We were more effective than their expensive billboards and TV campaigns.
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