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  1. S.m. Ruhul Amin

    Ask Me Anything I need A smartlink Account dating vertical which smartlink will be redirect to offer no popup. smarlink>direct offer

    I need A smartlink Account dating vertical which smartlink will be redirect to offer no popup. smarlink>direct offer must have lots of geo most importantly usa . Promotion method Gmail ,Email, chat traffic (optional) no problem , please help any body
  2. Nizar Ali

    Crypto x PureVPN = Earn More $$$

    Hello Buddies, PureVPN is one of the top 3 VPN services around the globe and we are continuously on the lookout for partners on YouTube that are working in the crypto space. We have seen our current Crypto affiliates grow immensely in terms of earnings. You can most definitely be one of them...
  3. X

    Best affiliate networks in 2018

    Hey, guys! I'm wondering - which affiliate networks or affiliate programs are best to get native offers? I'm wondering about top networks and some regional networks - especially LATAM and EMEA. Thank you very much!
  4. GaryCook

    CPA network that allows sign ups from one device?

    Hi, I have various experience with marketing. Including being self-employed right now full-time with affiliate income from SEO. However, I want to get back into direct marketing lead generation monetised by a CPA network offer. I had a £26 phone number submit that my business partner and I...
  5. Chris_StudyBAY

    StuduBay - The largest Affiliate Program for educational traffic monetization

    Most of you have already worked with different Affiliate programs in edu niche! You can earn a good profit from it. But we made something unique for you! We are happy to introduce you our essay affiliate program - StudyBay. What is StudyBay? StudyBay – is the freelance marketplace for...
  6. LionFinch

    Hello Everyone! We're LionFinch and here to connect and learn!

    Hello! I'm Spencer Brown.. the Founder of LionFinch- Where Soul Meets Pride. We've been developing the current line of products for the past 15 years under my past company called Rent A Green Box which was Donated to Good Cause Box. As we were recycling, up-cycling and creating Zero Waste...
  7. Eric hunter

    Affiliates Wanted - ItsCanadaTIme- Smartest Immigration System On the Internet

  8. L

    Help Request

    HI Someone tell me how these sites work please . Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur Best Affiliate Programs | Top Premier Internet Retailer | Clickbank Make money online - RapidWorkers
  9. BestCpaOffer

    Looking For dedicated advertiser for gift card,Freebies ,sweepstakes offers

    We have more than 1500 Publisher now, We can ensure 100% quality about leads. We have zero fraud policy and also we have 3rd party campaigns verify process.We look out every single campaign. If you have you can reply here
  10. Helen Wingoads

    Announcement Get 25$ bonus with Wingoads!!!

    Hello forum-members! We would like to remind you about our promotion which will finished at the end of July. Make first deposit 25$ and you will get 25$ bonus!!! Make a deposit and become a part of Wingofamily;) Skype - affiliatewingoads E-mail -
  11. JesseG-Host

    Offsite SEO & Link building

    Hey Everyone, I work as an Account Manager for a really good private-owned Data Center that focuses on Dedicated Hosting & Colo(DA-36), VPS(VDS) Cloud services w/ sister site, and has site also for shared hosting but not doing much with(DA-24). I'm attempting to...
  12. Reseller Hub Store

    Affiliates Wanted Are you ready to get paid with a profitable Reseller program?

    Are you tired of promoting products that rarely sell everyday? Well, if you are looking for the most unique guaranteed income system that’ll literally change your life from 0 to 6 figure earner without elephant’s job, then this Reseller program would be perfect for you! The fact is everyone's...
  13. Timothy01

    I have an email list of 200k + Please Help!

    I'm a NewBie. I have an email list of 200,000 + good quality email addresses. How do I start with just my emails and no website or blog? Do I need to use an all-in-one site, like aWeber or is there software that I can use? I have zero experience in affiliate marketing, I just have a large list...
  14. Jeff H

    Best 3rd party provider for a professional services firm?

    Hi - I am launching a commercial lease review service and was hoping that some small business advice websites would be interested in being part of an affiliate program for my services. Any thoughts on the best provider to go with and how to approach the small biz websites? It is $300 to have...
  15. N

    How does affilitest works?

    How does track country and device wise custom offers with Perfect Redirection. Site url Is there anyone know about the system how its work please provide your suggestions. Looking forward from you.
  16. mintboom

    Affiliate don't launch campaigns

    Ok. Here is a question. We've got a website and a lander. We work with several affiliate networks like Clickdealer (I wouldn't like to disclose others) and we have one common issue. Despite the fact we're constantly communicating with affiliates and getting good feedback like this: [23/01/2017...
  17. Carlo

    Announcement A fast new way to find affiliate programs

    In affiliate marketing one of the biggest challenges is to find the right affiliate program. While writing content you want to focus on quality and at the same time be able to link shops and products your readers expect and love. But which shops offer affiliate programs? And in which networks do...