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Affiliate don't launch campaigns

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by mintboom, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. mintboom

    mintboom Affiliate affiliate

    Ok. Here is a question. We've got a website and a lander. We work with several affiliate networks like Clickdealer (I wouldn't like to disclose others) and we have one common issue. Despite the fact we're constantly communicating with affiliates and getting good feedback like this:
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:26] G @ ClickDealer: hey man
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:29] G @ ClickDealer: hoe are you doing?
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:33] G @ ClickDealer: some good news
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:39] Mintboom: Hey! Not too bad :D
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:43] G @ ClickDealer: affiliates want to run the new pages
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:53] G @ ClickDealer: l of questions
    [23/01/2017, 18:00:55] Mintboom: I’m always open for good news :D
    [23/01/2017, 18:01:16] Mintboom: Sure, go on

    None of the offers are running. This is only yesterday's conversation, but I've got plenty of those. Maybe there is something wrong? Here are just a few landings:
    iPhone Protective Screen with Rounded edges Sale
    MintBoom | Make your own iPhone 7 case

    Affiliates are simply not picking the offer and no one could see it.
  2. AdCombo
  3. peppe

    peppe Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all, this is the G from the reported chat above.

    I just feel i need to answer to this, considered that I am the only one network disclosed.

    Understandably, Jeff got a bit frustrated not seeing traffic coming in. Frustration soon turned into disappointment, so that he disabled all the tracking links without any notice, and not replying to any message.

    Hope you read this man, and get back to me so to discuss solutions :)
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  4. PurePay

    PurePay Affiliate affiliate

    I like the pages, they look pretty damn good! I don't get why it shouldn't be picked up, maybe you should try driving traffic to it yourself?