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  1. E

    Does TrafficJunky + Dating offers work in 2024?

    Hello, I used to run adult dating offers on traffic junky and exoclcik in 2010 and made some money, a few thousands. Do these traffic sources still work or are they too saturated? aka the traffic being too expensive What traffic sources would you recommend for adult dating? Also, please...
  2. J

    Affiliate network - amazon integration

    Hi I need third-party network such as Levanta. io that will support integration with Amazon Germany. We're not interested in the Amazon Affiliate Program! Any suggestions?
  3. A

    How to get approved for awin and ShareAsale?

    They didn't give me any details to why maybe you can help me in this?
  4. T

    Any Quality Affiliate Networks that Don't Require Approval?

    Hi, everyone, I want run some campaigns with Facebook Ads, and I need to find the right offers. However, most affiliate networks require a website and I don't have that. I can create one with content in 48 hours, but that would not solve the problem since they require traffic. I have access to...

    Official Adepti Ads - Conquering The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Dear Affiliate Marketers, We ventured into affiliate marketing in the Dating vertical, exploring every facet—being affiliates, collaborating with big and small companies, navigating various traffic sources, and working with direct advertisers and networks. Through this diverse journey, we...
  6. Zeydoo

    Official Gear-Up: get the 7% of your profit increase for increasing traffic volume

    Zeydoo is starting the new season with this Promo to help you boost your profit. No special effort needed, just increase your traffic volume and get the 7% of the profit increase! In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to calculate your profit and bonus. The Promo will be live...
  7. Gala

    Event Meet Adsterra's Experts at SiGMA Balkans 2023!

    Amidst many of the conferences we engaged in this year, this particular one stands out as the most thrilling. Its significance lies in the fact that it is taking place in Adsterra's home country – Cyprus! ❤️ :cool: Join us at Sigma Balkans 2023 at booth 002 and meet our team of experts! We're...
  8. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] 474% ROI: How Targeting Facebook Browser Boosted a Dating CPA Offer

    Imagine the perfect union of a Dating CPA offer and Facebook browser targeting. It's a great match, ensuring a happily ever after for your profits. And if that's not enough, one of our partners, has generously offered to share an extraordinary case study on promoting an SOI offer using Adsterra...
  9. Zeydoo

    Guide Working with Smartlink: how it works and gets your profit

    Is working with a smartlink as beneficial as they say? When should you use a smartlink and when - a direct link? How does smartlink optimization work? How much money do you need for tests? Today the Zeydoo team will answer all the questions concerning the Smartlink technology that worry every...
  10. Zeydoo

    Case Study A working funnel for dating with 51% ROI: Zeydoo and TacoLoco

    We sometimes hear that push traffic is not what it used to be anymore and is almost dead. So we’re here to bust this myth with a brand new case from a media buyer working with our offers (check out his YouTube channel here). He found a working funnel with 51% ROI that is still going strong (and...
  11. ABZIN

    Seeking Help Beginner Question

    Hi, I'm new to digital marketing and I'm "Brazilian" I don't know "english" I use the translator, so if you don't understand some words "you already know the reason" lol Question: I was on the topic "What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)" and I was in doubt about the subject "Affiliate...

    Ask Me Anything GEOs you should consider in 2022-2023

    If you’ve been reading us for a while, you must know by now we specialize in finding exclusive offers from local advertisers from all over the world. Which means - we know the trends. We believe in expanding your ‘GEO horizons’ and working in any country that has internet coverage. So today we...

    Ask Me Anything Case Study: mVas + push traffic = 142% ROI

    We have recently published an article on how to set up a tracker (we used Binom) and an ad network (Adsterra, in our case) to work with affiliate programs (in ADLEADPRO). Now, we want to present a case study from one of our publishers on how to work with mVas offers in ADLEADPRO with both tools...

    Ask Me Anything BIGO ADS: how to

    We’re always in search of new types of traffic to recommend to our publishers, so today we want to talk about one of them. BIGO ADS is an advertising network with traffic in a TikTok analog - Likee and imo messenger (exclusive for BIGO ADS). Even though this is a relatively new traffic source...
  15. axadllc

    Greetings from AXAD

    We are one of the world’s leading technology and performance marketing firms, delivering unrivalled results in the eCommerce space for advertisers, clients, and affiliates. With our enterprise technology and marketing capabilities, online businesses can maximise ROI across multiple platforms and...

    Ask Me Anything Creatives for mVas: Spy Services and Bonuses

    We have already published a few articles here on affLift on how to work with mVas and why it’s a great vertical for starting out (check them out if you still haven’t), but we still get a lot of questions. So today we decided to dive deeper into what a usual funnel for mVas looks like and where...
  17. Keitaro

    Tips on How to Retest Your Offers

    With our partner, CPARK affiliate network, we have prepared special tips for you on how to retest your offers. After all, testing is great, but retesting is everything. You should always check your campaign, find the weak places, and strengthen them. But how are you supposed to figure out that...

    Hi there! We're ADLEADPRO, an affiliate network with over 5000+ offers

    Hi there! We're ADLEADPRO, an affiliate network with over 5000+ exclusive offers from all over the world. And when we say “exclusive” we mean “exclusive” - offers that you won’t find easily by googling them. We're so happy to be joining Affiliate Fix and we hope we'll find many more new...
  19. Vadim Alfaleads

    Alfaleads looking for affiliates:)

    Hello, everyone and nice to join your community! My name is Vadim, I am an affiliate manager in Alfaleads. We are one of the biggest gambling affiliate networks in industry and offering the best deals from top brands, web view apps for FB, Tik-Tok and UAC, quick withdrawal of your funds and more...
  20. Naomi_mimarosa

    Real Estate, Sweepstakes, Health, Streaming campaigns...

    Mimarosa is a premium CPA network that contains premium offers based on CPL, CPC and CPA. We have the best Tracking system that will give you access to detailed tracking reports so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns to do it’s best. We are offering top and trending offers with high...