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  1. A

    Need Advice With First Steps Into Affiliate Marketing!

    I'm interested in getting involved with affiliate marketing, especially incentive traffic. I have done a lot of research on CPA+incentive friendly networks and have come up with a top 3. ClickDealer, CPAGrip and MaxBounty. I have gone through all of the reviews and found these to be perhaps...
  2. X

    Question About Clickdealer...Help Please

    Hello Everyone so i've been testing few offers with clickdealer affiliate network and my affiliate manger sent me a picture ( Date Was 1/5/2018) (Can't add link for screenshot) she says i got 6 Conversions this day however my dashboard says that i got 0 conversion (date 1/5/2018) after...
  3. tyoussef

    CPA Marketing Tutorial - Lesson 2:Create landing page and host it and run your first campaign

    Okay, so far, so good. Now, let's launch our first campaign. Requirements : 1- Landing pages. 2- Tracking software. 3- Account in a CPA network. 4- Account in a traffic Source (Pop Traffic) We are going to cover all of this in the video below, starting with picking up an offer from...
  4. Daniel J ClickDealer

    Daniel J from Clickdealer

    Hey everyone, Publisher Manager working for Clickdealer from Toronto, ON. Excited to be a part of the Affiliatefix forum. Looking forward to meet, network and learn from all the great affiliate minds here! Please feel free to hit me up anytime! Best, Daniel J live:danieljokinen87
  5. hamid

    Wow What A Convo Rate

    Hey Guyz , A Little Thing To Share Network>>> ClickDealer <<< Click = 270 Leads= 39 Conversation Rate = 14.4%...
  6. SmartEnough

    CPALEAD and Startapp

    hi i want to promote cpalead/cpagrip offers in startapp CPI offers question 1 : where i can find offer creatives "banners...etc" ? question 2 : how to setup voluum with cpalead ? question 3 : which affiliate network is good at cpi offers , not "clickdealer,maxbounty,yeahmobi" i already signed...
  7. SmartEnough

    how to get approved ! in CPA mobile network

    hi guys , i'm new to affiliate marketing CPA CPI offers i have all needed tools to start , voluum , and spytool adplexity mobile .. i found some offers in adplexity for yeahmobi network with traffic source used , startapp , airpush or tapit .. thats fine now i want to test that offer ..ok i...
  8. Zahid Hussain


    I have apply for @ClickDealer account minimum requirement for account approval is $500 doller on any CPA network. I have made $2k+ in last 30 days from CPA and send screen shoot on skype but did not receive any reply yet. My Affiliate Manager Name is "Edes Clickdealer | Mobair". Thanks..
  9. mintboom

    Affiliate don't launch campaigns

    Ok. Here is a question. We've got a website and a lander. We work with several affiliate networks like Clickdealer (I wouldn't like to disclose others) and we have one common issue. Despite the fact we're constantly communicating with affiliates and getting good feedback like this: [23/01/2017...
  10. hamid

    Best Lead I Ever Got .

    Hey Guyz :affiliatefix::ninja::affiliatefix::ninja: Today I Have The Highest Lead Of My All Time . What Yours ?
  11. Hoogle

    clickdealer and peerfly affiliate links

    I have been accepted by both networks, however, I don't quite understand how to properly setup my affiliate link. I asked one manager and did not get a clear answer. Didn't want to push it and have a problem, so I am asking here if someone could give me a sample view of an affiliate link from...
  12. GTMarketer

    Any Help please to join Clickdealer

    I heard a lot of good things about clickdealer, and I want to join the network, I have some experience with other CPA Networks like Matomy, Adwork Media and CPAWay. So my question is how to be accepted in Clickdealer ? Thank you.
  13. hamid

    My ClickDealer First Payment

    Hey , Guyz I Gonna Share You My First ClickDealer Income Which I Have Generated Through Adult Offers .