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I'm Spencer Brown.. the Founder of LionFinch- Where Soul Meets Pride.

We've been developing the current line of products for the past 15 years under my past company called Rent A Green Box which was Donated to Good Cause Box.

As we were recycling, up-cycling and creating Zero Waste Products, we developed a lot of common sense consumer products which eventually were tested, refined and then mastered on Amazon.

For the past 5 years, we have been crazy busy refining our consumer good lines and focus on 2 of the 3 pillars of all homes in America.

The first pillar is the bedroom- specifically your bed. If the average person sleeps 8 hours.. you've heard the statement of a 1/3 of your life is spent in bed. We specialize in mattress protection and have sold millions of our Award Winning Eco Mattress Bags. Bottom line, with 14 awards and million of customers.. to have a 4.37 rating is amazing..

The second pillar is focused on Laundry and unless you are CHUBAKA from StarWars, you'll need to be doing your dirties sooner or later.

So between these 2 pillars, we focus on bedroom and bathroom aids.

If you every have a question, please feel free to connect with me!


Welcome to AffiliateFix and welcome as a new vendor!

Looking forward to your posts and threads.

See you around the forums.
Thanks for all of the help! We're still building a lot of our affiliate resources and learning.. so as soon as we feel comfortable with where we are at, we will be adding the account upgrades.. thanks a ton for the suggestion!
Hiya, @LionFinch and welcome to AffiliateFix!

Sounds like you're a busy guy with your eye fixed on providing quality products. :)

Anytime you have a question, need help, or want to share some good information, just start a thread to let us know.

Enjoy the forums!
Thanks @azgold and we're learning a lot. Since we design and make our products here in California.. for bedroom and bathroom applications.. we're focused on household goods.. mattress protection is a niche.. and without high quality goods.. after 15 years we've learned that it has to 5 stars.. or it won't sell.. its just that simple!! Thanks for the message! Spence