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  1. moneydrop2021

    Maximum CPC Based On Affiliate Commissions

    Considering the current high cost per click, what risk management strategies are you implementing? Historically, I've typically capped the maximum bid at 1% to 3% of the commission. For instance, if the commission is $20.00, my maximum bid per click would range from $0.20 to $0.60. Additionally...
  2. Honeybadger

    Seeking Help How to make affiliate network payout?

    i got a network owes me $150 they accept the commission is pending been over 6 months since the actions but they say they are waiting for payment --> from the merchant now they gone quiet how best to resolve it?
  3. Mantracare

    Get up to 30% Commission with us

    Mantra Care is a world-renowned brand that offers premium quality services in the health and wellness space. The company has now launched its Mantra Care Affiliate Program, which is designed to reward affiliates for their efforts in promoting the Mantra Care brand. When you become an affiliate...
  4. R


    What are the best and effective ways to promote an affiliate product through link? Instead of old ways like YouTube, Instagram, through websites/blogging. What are you creative ways?
  5. Honeybadger

    How to program this? --> $Ding! $Ding! $Ding!

    Does anybody --> @Graybeard especially Clapping Know how to program this.......... Want to receive a ding! on smartphone every commission sale Live ding! ding! ding! throughout the day Would it need API? Has anybody done this? Some Shopify stores owners have this
  6. Honeybadger

    Happy Easer 2021

    Easter commemorates the resurrection of Christ from the dead after being crucified by the Roman army at Calvary in the year 30, hope this month I can start making some decent commissions again after post Christmas dip in sales, and everyone else here gets success this month too !! ;) planning...
  7. A.A. Qureshi

    Affiliates Wanted Earn the highest commissions just this BFCM!!!

    Hello Affiliates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest days when shoppers go all frenzy. For business owners, it's a huge opportunity to capitalize on the overwhelming shopping spirit of customers. But instead of selling anything, I want to that all the AffiliateFix members make huge...
  8. Honeybadger

    How do you ask for higher % commission?

    What is the best way to ask for a better commission rate? Not sure how it works but I have generated $20k in the past month across 5 networks and getting average 4-5% commission Or should I just promote higher value products?
  9. Lisvaldo Duran

    Affiliates Wanted $1,000 Contest for this (90% Commssion offer) <==

    Have you not heard about it yet? There's a new contest in town that's right! We like to take care of our serious affiliates so we are running our first contest. This will only be for active affiliates promoting Belly Fat Shrinker product on Clickbank. The prize of the winner will be $1,000...
  10. LionFinch

    Hello Everyone! We're LionFinch and here to connect and learn!

    Hello! I'm Spencer Brown.. the Founder of LionFinch- Where Soul Meets Pride. We've been developing the current line of products for the past 15 years under my past company called Rent A Green Box which was Donated to Good Cause Box. As we were recycling, up-cycling and creating Zero Waste...
  11. M

    MiA Store Online - New Fashion Store

    Hi to everybody! Let me introduce myself, I am the owner of the new fashion online store, and my name is Milivoj. I'm sure that most of you will have a trouble at pronouncing my name, but you can imagine in your head the best way to pronounce it. :) I created my store on Shopify platform just a...
  12. Imogen Thomas

    Acematiks High Commission Affiliate Program

    Hello everyone, Thanks for your warm welcome messages to Affiliate Fix. I'm Imogen Thomas, an affiliate account manager with, a 24-hours a day, 365-days a year Academic Help & Professional Writing Service. I'd like to cordially invite all interested affiliates to join the tens of...
  13. Dan Filipov

    Affiliates wanted

    Hello everyone, my name is Dan and I recently launched my online shop in the fashion niche, and I'm looking for new affiliates to work with. I would love to give you guys 30% per sale who are interested please let a comment below and I will give you more information. And I will provide you more...
  14. JesseG-Host

    Need Affiliates for Hosting Services-Earn Commission and Free Hosting for your sites!

    Hello all, I represent a centrally located(St. Louis) based data center that provides Enterprise level hardware(DELL/HP) better than AWS and many big names in the industry. However robust our world class infrastructure, we have a very small online presence and I need good affiliates to help...
  15. K

    Affiliate manager from IXWebhosting and Hostexcellence

    Hello guys! This is Karthikeyan, Affiliate manager from IXWebhositng and Hostexcellence. We offer you highest affiliate commissions among competitors. You can earn from $50 to $300 per sale you bring us. To join our Affiliate Program you simply need to register from the following link...
  16. Jennifer Weston

    commission problem

    A affiliate can't receive commission by send our link and people subscribe our site, how to solve it, pl ,everyone.
  17. Natural Revenue

    Affiliates Wanted Incentive Central!

    Hello! I hope every one is having a prosperous New Year! At Natural Revenue we have incentives coming out of our eyes for our affiliates along with other great benefits!! The more sales you make the more commission you make but also the more bonus money you make! over 20 sales could get you an...
  18. Natural Revenue

    Official Natural Revenue Affiliate Program!

    Natural Revenue submitted a new resource: Natural Revenue - Marketing affiliate platform of natural and high tech health, beauty and wellness products. Read more about this resource...
  19. N

    Real time affiliate sale notifications and stats

    Hi guys I'm brand new here, just starting my affiliate marketing adventure. In Commission Junction / Conversant, it doesn't look like you get real time alerts / notifications of your affiliate sales. And I can't find any tools out there that do this. Do you know of any 3rd party tools that...
  20. F

    Generate multi-tier referral commissions for sales outside my site

    I don’t sell on my site but sales are made outside my site i.e on the merchant site. My registered members click and to be taken outside my site to purchase products/services. I have server to server/URL postback tracking in place by a third party to track if sales are made by my registered...