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Need Affiliates for Hosting Services-Earn Commission and Free Hosting for your sites!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Management and Recruitment' started by JesseG-Host, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. JesseG-Host

    JesseG-Host Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hello all, I represent a centrally located(St. Louis) based data center that provides Enterprise level hardware(DELL/HP) better than AWS and many big names in the industry. However robust our world class infrastructure, we have a very small online presence and I need good affiliates to help change this. Our plans range from under $10 shared hosting, $30-$190 VPS, up to $1K or more for private clouds and colocation services. Although not the cheapest, we provide the best value for what we offer.

    AFFILIATES: Receive 50% Commission-less the discount, on each deal processed(CPA) from your link or code! Cybercon AP has option for sub-affiliates. VServerCenter AP now being tailored for better options and features.

    AF Bonus Offer: Affiliates that bring 10 or more customers in 2017 will receive 2018 hosting(of similar services) absolutely free for your Ebusiness and websites! Avg. sale $99 dedicated server- that is what you'll receive free for a whole year.

    Contact: Jesse G.-Message through AF, Cybercon website sales inquiry form, or call directly. Ext 3147
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