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vps hosting

  1. UltraOne

    Any advice on how to Upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server without changing the name of the server ?

    I'm concerned about the potential for downtime when switching from VPS hosting to dedicated server. I contacted several support teams and they all said that I would need to change the nameservers, which would cause a brief period of downtime. Does anyone know of any hosting providers that offer...
  2. A

    Best VPS providers for Binom

    In the future I want to move onto self hosted tracking and Binom looks and feels like a great fit to me. I recently found out that my current provider vultr does not work well with Binom so I'm looking for alternatives. Anyone got any ideas? let me know, Cheers! :cool: Edit: Heard good things...
  3. DailyAffiliate

    Managed VPS Hosting. Which one is best?

    Hello, I am looking for managed VPS hosting with datacenter in India. Please let me know if anyone have any suggestion. I found lot of good ones but none of them have datacenter in India.
  4. K.O

    Hi all, I am K.O and I'm an Eager to learn Newbie.

    As a newbie trying to start CPA Marketing, do I really need a VPS hosting?
  5. Yassine11

    What is the best vps provider ?

    hi, can you please tell me the best vps provider to run my instagram bot on ? thanks.
  6. S

    Offshore Dedicated Server

    Shinjiru is a leading offshore web hosting provider since 1998. We are using DELL servers, dedicated 24/7 support team and 99.99% guaranteed uptime in our offshore networks. All our networks are also DDoS protected. Most importantly, Shinjiru uses its own AS number networks, IP ranges and CISCO...
  7. seneca

    VPS or CDN

    Hi, Have anyone done any testing related VPS or CDN? The question is not about price, but I would like to understand the 2 options: 1 - Performance 2 - Price 3 - Maintenance I haven't done any, but so far these are the main points that I could find out: CDN - Pros - Price, Maintenance CDN -...
  8. JesseG-Host

    Need Affiliates for Hosting Services-Earn Commission and Free Hosting for your sites!

    Hello all, I represent a centrally located(St. Louis) based data center that provides Enterprise level hardware(DELL/HP) better than AWS and many big names in the industry. However robust our world class infrastructure, we have a very small online presence and I need good affiliates to help...
  9. simonbrep

    Announcement SSD VPS Hosting Solutions Only $5/month

    Affordable VPS Hosting Made Simple SSD Servers from as little as $5/month. Instantly Provisioned and Now Available Root Access Ultra Performance Guaranteed Server Resources Multi-Account Management Instant Provisioning!
  10. M

    Which is better VPS Hosting or Re-seller Hosting ?

    Hii, I have a little bit confusion about the VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting, Which one is cheap and best for large size organisation and I need high security with the best hosting service.