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  1. Stonebridge Colleges

    New affiliate marketing manager

    Good morning/evening everyone. My name is Mustafa from Stonebridge Associated Colleges nice to e-meet you all :-) I'm new to this forum, just wanted to introduce myself and the company I work for and get some pointers from you guys. So I come from a techy background in the affiliate marketing...
  2. Swadesh

    The Use of Technology in Affiliate Marketing?

    This is a gimme extremely. If you're the affiliate you'll be victimisation technology to broadcast you affiliate link to as many of us as attainable. If you're the business owner you'll be victimisation technology to order your business thus you have got to try to to as very little work as...
  3. Performance Bay

    Buying Affiliate / Publisher Lists

    Hi, We are looking to buy lists of Affiliates & Publishers - but we will need to test out with a small batch to make sure they are current and relevant (such as - in which country they are in & etc.) Alternatively, we can setup a HasOffers referral URL for you- and you can contact them directly...
  4. dame colquhoun

    Getting Fed UP. But I'm So Close I can feel my palms itching for $

    Ok so I've been watching some facebook posts in some groups i'm in. After about a few times of testing out different ads and some offers. I got 1 sale. Now after that it stopped, which i'm not surprised as I was testing out different offers. Please don't reply back with you need to have...
  5. Navid

    What book have your read or recommend for getting new skills in affiliate marketing?

    There are so many books out there you could read for your whole life, but what books you have read or you recommend in order to gain advantage and increase your skill in affiliate marketing and learn some inside tips and tricks.
  6. Z

    Zeb Un Nisa

    Hi, I'm new at affiliate marketting and needs your help to grow. Thanks
  7. T

    Tracking system for mobile CPA affiliate network?

    Hello all! We're keen on starting mobile CPA affiliate network, which will require tracking system; the tracking system that we're looking for should meet the following requirements: 1) Easy to use, precise, advanced technologically and gives insights on traffic received (such as: Carrier and...
  8. T

    Which tracking system for mobile CPA affiliate network?

    Hello! We're keen on starting mobile CPA affiliate network, which will require tracking system; the tracking system that we're looking for should meet the following requirements: 1) Easy to use, precise, advanced technologically and gives insights on traffic received (such as: Carrier and ISP...
  9. Anna2017

    From teacher to Affiliate Marketing

    Dear AffiliateFixers :affiliatefix::affiliatefix::affiliatefix: I was teacher in the past :p:p:p and now I tried to explain simply and comprehensible the "Afiliate Marketing Base" Examples of Offers: I would be happy to see your opinions, share your thougts with me Anastasia
  10. ByOffers

    Ask Me Anything What traffic sources are forbidden for most dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  11. C

    New here to looking for direct advertisers offers

    Hello. I am Chloe. We have mobile traffic worldwide. I am looking for direct advertiser and VAS/WAP subscription offers on CPA basis for mobile traffic.
  12. G

    Gripmob looking CPA publisher

    Hello all We are looking for CPA publishers with good traffic, we are a good base for good traffic, you can ask for things that will benefit you, of course it must reasonable Try and feel ;) Best Regards , IMG
  13. EasyProfits

    A new player has joined in!

    Hello! We are happy to join this wonderful community of AffiliateFix! Let me introduce name is Peter and I am an Affiliate Manager of EasyProfits. We are an affiliate program that is rapidly growing. Already we have more than a hundred active affiliates, who are genuinely enjoying...
  14. Talha Ch

    CPA product landing page for facebook ads?

    What type of landing page facebook likes for promoting any CPA offer on facebook, so that your account may not get banned?
  15. Anna2017

    Guys, I need to know your opinion :)

    Hey there! :p Would you like to have a discounts of what tools ( in Affiliate marketing )? (we are just creating a Page with discounts for you) thanks a lot :affiliatefix:
  16. Irene

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Fashion Affiliate on Webgains-15% Commissions

    1.Earn 15% Commission On Each Sale 2.Exclusive Coupon and Specials 3.90 Days Cookie Duration To Get The Credit You Deserve 4.Newsletters when new activity and promotions update 5.New monthly profitable activities, updating banner or customized banner Please feel free to contact me snoilite at...
  17. Steph|SmartAdv

    Newb Here!

    New to forum! How does everyone like it? Made any good connections? :)
  18. Leadbit


    TWO WEEKS TO AWE 2017! Are you looking to the new opportunities to make your business grow up? We are also doing! Affiliate World Europe is the definitive greatest way to find the leading industrial companies, meet the TOP affiliates all around the world and share the experience face to face...
  19. Alex_Chess

    Offer Wanted Look for direct offers all verticals

    Calling all owners of direct offers! Display, CPA\L Nutra\dating\adult\bizopp\insurance\forex and all the rest. Guys, talk to me on running your campaigns with our panel. We got tons of affiliates that are ready to pick up more of verticals! Btw, we got our own processing, so as very nice...

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