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  1. Inftele_k

    Discount 2 months of Free Hosting now! | Infinity Telecom - premium cloud solutions for business from Europe.

    Use promocode "AffiliateFix" in the case of a one-year hosting! CLICK HERE! Why is it better to work with us: Own network - check out our AS – 49121. We do our best to grow our network constantly. Multiple tier-1 partner connections guarantee 99.99% reliability. Location selection - for now...
  2. Inftele_k

    Announcement Infinity Telecom Hosting Services

    Hi, guys. Our company now provides quality hosting services. I would like to know what requirements for servers you need? Let us solve your problem in this area Contact Us: Telegram Email

    TUNEDCLOUD Cloud Shared and Reseller Hosting 50% Off For ALL AffiliateFix Members!

    TUNEDCLOUD provides the World's FASTEST Cloud Hosting on the World's FASTEST Cloud Servers on the global data center network. Our servers are faster than Azure, AWS EC2, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode and we even have the PROOF! We haven't tested against Google Cloud Platform...
  4. Fabius_N

    which hosting + CDN to choose for two Landing Page

    Hi guys, For two Landing Page, which hosting and CDN choose for the first from 1k/day traffic and the second from 40k/day traffic? For example, I have always used dedicated servers on SiteGround + CloudFlare...
  5. M

    How to fix connection 110 timeout eror

    Hi, I am using Godaddy hosting. Currently, i am on an ultimate hosting plan which is one of the premium hosting plans from the Godaddy. But my website WordPress dashboard opens up really slow and sometimes it shows error 110. Please can anybody provide me fix my website link is
  6. A

    Hello AffiliteFix community

    Hello everybody, I'm Aleksandra and just recently I've became an Affiliate Manager for a hosting company. I'm here to learn something from you guys as my new role comes to me as a bit of a challenge. I'm as well a newbie to forums in general so excuse if I'm a bit clumsy ;)
  7. T

    Beginner's/Newbie Dilemma

    I've read countless blogs, followed a few "super" affiliates and essentially soaked up as much knowledge as I possibly could over the past year. (You can never stop learning, right?) The truth is no matter how much you read, you will never succeed if you're not taking action. It's common sense...
  8. hamza

    Ask Me Anything Hosting for CPVLAB and LP

    i search what is the best Hosting I can use for CPVlab and Lp
  9. simonbrep

    Announcement Get Hosting + Domain Combos from $1.79/mo

    At AFFEXPRO HOSTING we offer over 650 new TLD's based on GEO and Industry Save up to 80% in selected TLDs THIS WEEK ONLY! - GET a .me for $1.99 1000s of new domains are coming soon Pre-register now to get the domain of your choice
  10. simonbrep

    10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting

    You have a great business idea, so you design a top end website and you’re ready to hit the market. But how do you go about choosing a web hosting plan for your site? How do you know that your web hosting company of choice is right for your business? What are some of important features to look...
  11. asles

    Best Managed Wordpress hosting in the USA

    Hi guys! Can you recommend the best managed Wordpress hosting services in the USA? thanks! Hanna
  12. BradMcCain

    Should I Upgrade Plan (or maybe cleanup server space)?

    I'm about to launch a new product, and as it's a pretty unique product a number of large affiliates have signed up to promote it. I expect this to be my biggest launch to date - by far. Sure, server meltdown is fine if you've set up everything with a nice margin of safety, but than had 10 times...
  13. JesseG-Host

    Need Affiliates for Hosting Services-Earn Commission and Free Hosting for your sites!

    Hello all, I represent a centrally located(St. Louis) based data center that provides Enterprise level hardware(DELL/HP) better than AWS and many big names in the industry. However robust our world class infrastructure, we have a very small online presence and I need good affiliates to help...
  14. M

    Which is better VPS Hosting or Re-seller Hosting ?

    Hii, I have a little bit confusion about the VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting, Which one is cheap and best for large size organisation and I need high security with the best hosting service.