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  1. Premeier_ak

    Which is better CPA or Revshare for newcomers to gambling?

    Every year the gambling field is growing more and more. Casino advertisements are just everywhere you can go. And everyone wants to make money out of it. But it can be difficult for beginners to start from lack of experience or patience and creativity. Revshare for beginners has its...
  2. J

    Hello Affiliate Frieds

    Dear Community, My name is Jason and I'm 24 years old. I hope everything is going well for you. I'm currently running broker affiliate offers, but I am interested in getting into adult traffic to run CPA offers. If some of you guys could link some resources/guides on how to get started I would...
  3. Amrk

    Lurker saying Hello,

    Hello, I am AMR and I started thinking seriously about CPA marketing about a year ago, became a member of Affiliate fix in the same time frame. I launched my first serious campaign (CPA grip, Propeller Ads- Interstitial, Be Mob, 30 $ ad spent, 4 offers, about 5000 clicks, 0 conversions) during...
  4. krystalglam85

    Seeking Help Needing Advice & Guidence to a Successful Career in Affeliate Marketing

    I'm trying to understand Affeliate Marketing in hopes of making it a full time career. I lost my job of 4 years last month, I've been hospitalized 3 times and have had to get emergency surgery since then, making it difficult to go out and look for another job at the moment. On top of that I'm...
  5. Steve @ Voluum

    Official Back to School Contest: Win a FREE Voluum subscription with Affiliate Academy!

    Hello All! Are you sad that summer is over? Don’t be! Going back to school can be cool – especially when we’re talking about our very own Affiliate Academy :) To make fall season a bit sweeter (and more productive!), we have prepared a competition for you! “What is the prize?” – "What are...
  6. noobguy

    [Follow My Journey] Complete Noob Starts CPA Marketing

    Hey Guys! I have started my CPA marketing journey - don't know how long it will last though. I've previously tried out a few different ways to make some money online but CPA seems very attractive to me atm. Like many people, i too suffer from severe Shiny Object Syndrome. I'm making this...
  7. noobguy

    Confused Noob!!

    Hi Guys! Ive been lurking around this and other affiliate forums for a while now. I have started my affiliate marketing journey, it has been quite informative and has opened my mind to alot of possibilities (maybe too many). For quite a while i have been going around in circles on what...
  8. Rakesh Chauhan

    I am New Here as Well as in The PPC.

    Hi Affiliate Buddies, I hope everyone is doing great. By the way, my name is Rakesh Chauhan and I have some decent knowledge about SEO. I have a Micro Niche website and make more than $1000 in 8 months, but now I want to explore PPC as well and learn more things about Google Ads and Fb Ads.
  9. fromaustria

    I am from Austria

    The title is a well-known song by an austrian singer and at the same time my origin. I'm new to affiliate marketing, but have been reading for a long time and now I want to start somewhere myself, finally. The German market revolves around building fake test sites and selling beginners...
  10. azdesrt

    First website stumbling block..

    Select a niche you want to work in, then start researching that niche, then select a marketing scheme that works well for that niche, then select offers based on intelligence research. So TJ, I have done all of this, as well as starting to build my first website. A TON of education over the...
  11. igbmaster

    What are the best verticals for affiliates?

    Which verticals have the best ROI? What is the best way for a beginner to start with?
  12. Bablu kumar

    Best CPA for india

    anyone can tell best cpa offer for promotion in india
  13. Lomash Kumar

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)
  14. iHunt

    Any Guides Here On Amazon Affiliate?

    What’s up guys! Sorry if there’s a thread already on the topic; I searched but couldn’t find anything relevant. ****** Are there any guides that are beginner friendly to learn the amazon affiliate program? My long term plan is to become great at affiliate marketing. First, I want to...
  15. P

    Hello! I'm new to Affiliate/CPA Marketing. Here is my Ride along.

    Day 5: I realize I get the general theory behind Affiliate and CPA Marketing, but I don't really know what to do. That being said, I've got to learn through action so I'll keep moving forward. So far, I've taken three action steps. First I applied to AD Combo and I got approved. It's kind of...
  16. JonathanB

    Turn off the noise and focus! But how...?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jonathan. I'm a German/Canadian marketer and pretty new to the Affiliate Marketing world. In my prior business (a music pr agency for independent artists and record labels) I had some good success doing Lead Gen in 12 European GEOs and eventually managed to exit it two...
  17. mrkelles

    Newbie To Adult Dating...What Do I Need To Know?

    Hi guys I'm new here. it's such a great platform. Hope to hear from you.
  18. T

    Hello AffiliateFix world

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this forum and thrilled to start building new relationships as well as successful affiliate campaigns. Hopefully I can get to network/mastermind with some of you guys. For now, time to expand my learning curve and continue to take action. Please follow...
  19. Littles83

    Affiliate beginner

    Hello I am a newly beginner. Looking for tips tricks suggestions for earning money by affiliate marketing for fairly cheap or free to start. Also preferred in the medical field avenues. Any help is so greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  20. V4P0RW4V3

    How do I go about advertising a non-incentive offer?

    I got this offer I got approved for but, it's non-incentive and I'm having a hard time getting traffic to the page. Could someone give me some tips?