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Whats the best PPCall/affiliate/CPA marketing course to get

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by rondellrandall, May 24, 2017.

  1. rondellrandall

    rondellrandall Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I'm just finding out about ppcall and wanted to get a course to learn, I have seen some that are around $500 and up and want to know from folks that are actually doing it to tell me what is the best way to learn, which lands me here to ask you guys, i figure those that are actually doing it will know what is bullspit and what is the best bang for my buck while i get educated on the system of marketing ppcall offers
  2. Golden Goose
  3. Optin1000

    Optin1000 Affiliate affiliate

    try paypercallexposed.com or kallzu.biz
  4. Dooglers

    Dooglers Affiliate affiliate

    I heard paypercallexposed.com was pretty legitimate as well.
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  5. Optin1000

    Optin1000 Affiliate affiliate

    Raj (paypercallexposed) has been responsive, has up-dated ideas unlike some other coaches which were mentioned in this forum
    Kallzu has comprehensive videos, regular biweekly coaching calls, live workshop events. facebook mastermind group ...
  6. Tariq Ben

    Tariq Ben Affiliate affiliate

    First what is your mindset?
    To learn for fun and money comes in gradually or you want the Big Bang like most that tried and failed.

    I have those course stated by fellow fixer but all depend on you to make it work.

    Suggestion get someone you can reach out to at any given time. What I mean is, those guys have lots of student to attend to and you can not get 100% attention that's from experience. But if you get someone that does not take coaching full time you get full attention.

    Want to point something else no coaching can make you the millions but yourself.

    Here is my first 5 days earning while I was learning :) IMG_20170622_073150_996.jpg
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