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  1. John Stuart

    Official #Introduction - Offerglobe Premium Pay Pey Call Network is Pay per call affiliate network which offers publishers limitless opportunities for new lead generation via Pay per call and high-growth revenue streams from mobile that are unmatched. Top performing verticals - Home services, Travel, Legal, And Insurance Our network includes...
  2. Imran Sikder

    Best PPcall Offer For Bing Ads?

    Hi i want to know whats the best converting offer for bing call only ads. Kindly share some converting offer which is best for bing call only ads. Thanks
  3. John Stuart

    Hello Everyone

    Nice to meet you. My name is John Stuart and I am one of the account managers at Offerglobe - Premium PPCall Network that covers a wide range of verticals like Home Services, Legal, Travel, Rehab, Insurance and more. * Edited by Admin * .
  4. Rahul Agarwal

    Top performing PPCall camps?

    Hi, which are the top performing PPCall camps? I want to dive into more campaigns!
  5. zafseo

    SurgeCalls Pay per Call network Reviews?

    Does Any body know about surgecall? This is a ppcall network. But i have a confusion. i can't find a singal review on any forums or directories. So if any body working with them please tell me is it safe network??
  6. M

    Need Help With Ringba 200+ Landing Page

    Hello Guys, How are you all? Hope well.I am new in this forum. I have downloaded the 200+ landing pages from ringba website But I couldn't use them when I tried to use on my website. It says "Style.css" file is missing. Can anyone help me with that, please? Looking for someone help. Thanks
  7. MarketCall

    Review Detailed tutorial: $5k with PPcall in Google Ads

    Hi there! ;) We are glad to share our case "How to launch Google call only". The ability to run an advertising campaign in Google with the purpose of "Calls" gives us exclusively mobile placement only; after clicking on the phone number or call button, the OS interface of the mobile device...
  8. Imran Sikder

    2018 Best PPCall Netwwork

    Hi everyone, you guys please tell me that what is the best pp call network in 2018.
  9. K

    Seeking for IVR traffic

    Hi, I am direct advertiser developed IVR offers, seeking for top quality marketing partners or media buyer to promote. Feel free to hit me on skype for further discussion - kimmeng88 Talk soon Cheers, Kim
  10. emily bizprofits

    Discover the unique prelander feature for the Pay Per Call vertical

    Are you aware that our network have launched Pay Per Call offers? This new vertical demonstrates incredibly high results and can increase your income straight away! Interested in promoting Pay Per Call offers? Guess what, we`ve put many efforts to make your marketing experience as easy and...
  11. rondellrandall

    Whats the best PPCall/affiliate/CPA marketing course to get

    Hello, I'm just finding out about ppcall and wanted to get a course to learn, I have seen some that are around $500 and up and want to know from folks that are actually doing it to tell me what is the best way to learn, which lands me here to ask you guys, i figure those that are actually doing...
  12. sfsfco

    using ppv as a traffic source

    hi did anyone tested the PPV traffic in the PPcall offers it's a lot cheaper but I need to know if it's converting well ... and which verticals working better is PPV ?
  13. N

    Pay Per Call Networks For Travel

    HI Guy's Can anyone let me know what are the best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks For Travel? Actually we are looking for buy Calls for our Air Travel Business. Please do let me know if anyone know the best affiliate website... Thanks In Advance Regards N.
  14. MariaV

    Buying Traffic I have offers

    PPCall, CPA, CPL NEW platform: we have offers for your traffic! Brand new platform with tons of exclusive CPA, CPL, PPCall offers in many different verticals: dating, solar, business loan, mortgage, health, insurance, travel, and more... Take a look at our campaigns and start optimize your...
  15. B

    Click2Call Network

    Does anyone have any experience using click2call network? What are they like? Are they reliable? Do they pay on time? Do their offers convert well? What should I expect as a member? Any payment proof?
  16. Pay Per Call Guru

    [CASE STUDY] Running a Profitable Pay Per Call Campaign from Start to Finish - April 2016

    Hey guys, I wanted to do this case study/walk through of running a pay per call campaign offer which was started in March 2016 and optimized to the results shown in April 2016 (and currently still running). I strongly believe Pay per call is the future of affiliate marketing – it has given me a...
  17. V

    Looking for Traffic

    Hello: I am the affiliate manager at Exact Match Media and we are a PPCall & CPA network. I am looking for quality pubs with quality traffic. Feel free to ping me @ emmvontresep. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all!
  18. Pay Per Call Guru


    hi Guys here is another video where I show actual live video from my accounts showing my earnings from pay per call. This was over some months. I was able to do this after working hard with pay per call, but its all well worth it now. Ask me anything - hope this motivates you to keep pushing...