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Discover the unique prelander feature for the Pay Per Call vertical

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by emily bizprofits, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. emily bizprofits

    emily bizprofits Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Are you aware that our network have launched Pay Per Call offers? This new vertical demonstrates incredibly high results and can increase your income straight away! Interested in promoting Pay Per Call offers? Guess what, we`ve put many efforts to make your marketing experience as easy and smooth as possible!

    From now on, there are no excuses stopping you from promoting offers in the pay per call vertical! No need to host your own site and deal with content – we did all the work. We have already created a brand new user-friendly pay per call prelander that you can use for promotion!

    How it works:

    Apply to one of our pay per call campaigns that offer our unique prelander feature. We’ve started with a few plumbing campaigns, but there are many more to come. Once you’re approved and provided with your promo number, you can now grab your link that will dynamically insert your promo number into our hosted prelander. No need to design, host, and your write your own content, we’ve done it all for you. Just plug, play, and earn.

    There are three ways to do this. Let us show you how it’s done on of our active campaigns – Plumbing Pay Per Call – Mr. Rooter.


    Head off to your dashboard on the HasOffers platform;
    Search for a Plumbing Pay Per Call offer Mr. Rooter;
    Click “add Sub ID 1”;
    Type your promo number in the empty “Sub ID 1” field;
    Press “Update” button;

    Get your personal tracking link.

    Voilà! That is how the magic happens! Once you get an adjusted personal link, you are free to use it in your marketing material. It might not pass Google AdWords compliance, though.

    2. Automatic

    Go to your dashboard on the Invoca platform;
    Go straight to the “Campaigns” and click “View campaigns”;
    Then click “Promo numbers”;
    Continue to “Get links for all numbers”;
    Once you see the links for different numbers, choose the one you like the most and click the icon;

    Get your personal link with the preferred promo number.

    A faster way and no additional efforts needed, isn`t it great? Moreover, an additional benefit is that all the statistics stays in the Invoca reports and you can always grab the necessary information there. The only disadvantage is already familiar to you: it will most likely not pass Google AdWords compliance.

    3. “Get Option”

    Open a naked url https://localservicelisting.com/plumbing/;
    First type in a parameter ?ppcpn= and then your promo number;
    Check if it looks like this:

    All done! This is a direct url to the landing page with your promo number. You can now use it for promotion. The Invoca system will track all the calls, but you will not be able to track clicks to the landing page, as the link does not go through our HasOffers platform. A real advantage is that now you can target traffic using Google AdWords which is the leading traffic source for pay per call offers!

    We invite our affiliates and newbies to try this current opportunity and discover unique profitable ways of promotion! We are open for feedbacks and suggestions! Please, feel free to contact us.

    A lot more various Pay Per Call campaigns are about to come! Stay tuned!
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  3. Tariq Ben

    Tariq Ben Affiliate affiliate

    Do you have an offer that pays as high as $450 for 2 minute 5 seconds call? If yes, will love to work with you.
  4. Vincent01

    Vincent01 Affiliate affiliate

    I want to bookmark it.Because I will read it later.
    Thank you so much for great share.
  5. awesomesauce

    awesomesauce Active Member affiliate

    Pro Tip: NEVER send the traffic you are generating directly to a website owned by your affiliate network.

    Not only can the affiliate network retarget all of the visitors you sent to their website, this type of setup will never get approved on AdWords.