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  1. Nilesh Jha

    Social Media Pattern.

    What could be a pattern for social media marketing of an Indian travel company focusing on Indian traffic?
  2. Suci Jane

    Where to find direct advertisers?

    Hi there, Do you know where to find direct advertisers (not affiliate or network)? Do you have any recommended website or something? Thanks, Suci
  3. S M Omar faroque


    Hello All of my Dear Friends, I would like to introduce myself first. I am an online marketer. It is the big place and I am so excited to join in this site. Hope it will be a great journey with you all. Thanking you, S M Omar Faroque
  4. C

    How I became a CB Affiliate

    For a while I was looking for ways to earn passive income online because I cannot physically work at the moment being a full time student. I followed steps on how to be a successful Clickbank Affiliate Marketer and so far this has worked for me! Honestly, it took me about a week to actually...
  5. Nongmaithem Archna

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates

    Dear Friends, Hope all is well! I am looking for affiliates for Caseco Inc. affiliate program, a canadian manuturer of mobile phone accessories - cases, car mount, screen etc. Please check it out Reach me on skype nong.devi
  6. Evelyn

    Announcement The Industry's Most Powerful Retargeting Tool!

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Retargeting tool to all advertisers! With this tool, you’ll be able to do the regular positive or negative retargeting – that is, target or exclude users who have been exposed to the retargeting pixel. In addition, you can also do Dynamic...
  7. V

    Follow and learn from the best

    Following the rules and staying competitive in an ever-changing environment implies you are well documented and up-to date with the developments. In an endless pool of information, which is social media these days, it can be quite hard to filter high quality and accurate information. What we...
  8. emily bizprofits

    Discover the unique prelander feature for the Pay Per Call vertical

    Are you aware that our network have launched Pay Per Call offers? This new vertical demonstrates incredibly high results and can increase your income straight away! Interested in promoting Pay Per Call offers? Guess what, we`ve put many efforts to make your marketing experience as easy and...
  9. MarinaKimia

    Meet Up 5pm is the happiest hour @ Dmexco!

    Meet @Kazza Kimia in Dmexco at our Happy Hour drinks booth 030A Its been quite a morning, but dont stop just yet! These days will fly by! Take the opportunity to chat with our TOP business colleagues on CPA, CPI, CPL ... market trends... new up and coming tech... all things related to online...
  10. cfcarter1

    Motivated Online Affiliate

    Hello I'm Sandra, I joined this forum because of the many great resources available for those of us who are new to marketing or who are already doing fine and are willing to share some insight and knowledge on current and future trends in online marketing. I am considered a motivated affiliate...
  11. Calvin Jones

    Steps for Increasing Visibility Online

    Do you want to get visible in the pool of websites? Try the simple tips listed below: These tips and techniques will make your site boost with traffic and will maximize your ROI making you able to enjoy the top rankings. Title Tag Title tags can help you grow your visibility. All you have to...


    Hello Everyone, Connect with me to get one of the best offers in the market, flexible payment, and campaign on demand. We support campaigns of all verticals and have a strong affiliate support, but to grow we ned yo more than ever. Connect with us on Skype: jatinoffersshare
  13. Romario Coley

    How can I drive traffic for free to my website?

    I have been trying for almost three weeks now and my stats shows that I am getting 3000+ views per week and no sales. How do I up that?
  14. Romario Coley

    Hi Online Marketers

    I am an online marketer mainly in affiliate marketing and I value everyone's opinion and I do hope you will value mine.
  15. C

    Looking For Anyone interested in trying out our demo? - Ad Serving Platform

    We want you to try out a FREE demo account of CPXCenter. You will have full access of the user interface and that you would get with one of our paid accounts. You can play around with all aspects of the user interface including; campaign creating, searching for traffic via ad exchange, viewing...
  16. ReklamStore

    About ReklamStore

    ReklamStore is the leading digital advertising platform that offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. ReklamStore provides online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics...
  17. MarinaKimia

    Official ArmorAds [Deleted]

    MarinaKimia submitted a new resource: Kimia - The premium performance network. Read more about this resource...