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pay per call

  1. Arman

    Pay per call offer needed for Housing traffic.

    I have housing traffic. Searching pay per call offer.
  2. Y

    Selling pest control landing page for Pay per call, edit: not for sale.

    I'm selling a pest control landing page designed for pay-per-call campaigns in case you didn't want to use the network's landing pages that are dry and not content full, i designed this landing page to educate prospects about why they need a pest control service and why they shouldn't do pest...
  3. MarketCall

    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

    Dear affiliates, Join Marketcall team on December 7th at 12pm EST for our special end-of-year Holiday Happy Hour! :D In the live webinar, we will be discussing how we made over $500,000 running a Pay Per Call campaign with Google Ads - in JUST 2 MONTHS! :eek: We will be revealing some of...
  4. MarketCall

    Official Alternative traffic sources for Pay Per Call offers

    Hey everyone! In recent guides, we've looked at different ways of running traffic with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Today we'll discuss other traffic sources which are also popular with our affiliates. We will list both the advantages and disadvantages of each source for American Pay Per Call...
  5. V

    How to make money with pay per call using direct mail

    Typically pay per call has been done by buying click to call ads on the major pay per call platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook. It’s definitely possible to make money doing this but as these platforms evolve it’s becoming harder and more expensive to create profitable campaigns. The...
  6. Imran Sikder

    Best PPcall Offer For Bing Ads?

    Hi i want to know whats the best converting offer for bing call only ads. Kindly share some converting offer which is best for bing call only ads. Thanks
  7. MarketCall

    Webinar "Snapchat Ads for Pay Per Call Offers"

    On this webinar Marketcall team shared tips on promoting Pay Per Call offers in Snapchat Ads. You will learn: What campaign type to choose How to set up targeting What type of creatives work better Best PPC offers to run in snapchat
  8. MarketCall

    Webinar "How to run Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers on Facebook ads"

    Marketcall team shared the case study on running health insurance offer with facebook ads and answered participants questions. In this webinar you will find: Types of Facebook ads flow for health insurance Which campaign type converts best for pay per call offer How to target right audience...
  9. Nuwan Senanayake

    Affiliate terms

    what is a cake network? what is pay per call thing ?
  10. Jens44

    Offer Wanted Looking for Pay Per Call offers

    I'm looking for quality pay-per-call offers. I have a reliable method of sending out ~100k SMS messages to high quality American numbers every day. Already had great success on a few networks (with affiliate links), and I can show statistics. I have the numbers and the means to send high...
  11. Ishola Ayodeji

    Guys I need help here

    Guys please help me out, I was trying activate an offer on marketcall and my offer was always refused.. Saying I need to provide my ads materials that I was going to used to promote the offer... Since I'm new to pay per call advertising I don't have any ads materials yet.. Can someone help me out?
  12. Arijit

    How is voluum used for Pay Per Call Marketing

    How iss voluum used for pay per call marketing? Please shres details
  13. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Adult click-to-call for Africa and Middle East - really hot!

    Adult pay per call offers with crazy ECPM up to $35! Pick your flow: CPA (per call) or Revshare (per call duration). This is the best way EVER to monetize you adult Arab and African pop and push traffic. Pre-made banners, top segments - we give all you everything you need to start earning. Get...
  14. Shourove saha

    YouTube Traffic For Working On Pay Per Call ?

    Hello Does anyone use to youtube for pay per call? It's working to generate targeted calls? Its effected for pay per call? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  15. MarketCall

    Looking for flight booking calls

    Hello! MarketCall is looking for US flight booking calls (domestic and international). We can pay 15-17$ for 60-sec duration call. Let us know if you generate such calls or know anybody who can do that (we award for referrals)
  16. X

    Simple Call Forwarding

    Anyone able to recommend a cheap call forwarding/routing service? Basically I want to use 1 phone number to forward calls to two other numbers based on the time of day.
  17. X

    Legal Pay Per Call

    Any decent general legal campaigns or buyers available? I have various legal calls most from paid search traffic and I want to monetize them for what they’re worth.
  18. X


    Hello Affiliates! I’m new here. I’ve been in pay per call for about 3 years now. I’ve ran various campaigns from debt, student loan debt, insurance, plumbing, locksmiths, and legal. As of now most of my campaigns are for legal phone calls. I haven’t don’t much with affiliate marketing aside...
  19. R

    Offer Wanted [Looking] Credit Repair Pay Per Call

    Hi, I'm looking for a Credit Repair Pay Per Call offers, i have a traffic for financial campaigns. Please contact me on skype : rajeev-rrs. Note : I'm Affiliate (Not network). I'm Looking for sell call.
  20. alimoonpk

    Ali Moon - Affiliate

    Hi its Ali Moon, Affiliate Marketer. How are you all guys? Hope you all are doing good. I am new here on AffiliateFix and just joined I am involved with Digital Marketing and also running a small digital marketing agency along known as DigiTechIO. Previously I have worked with ECom, Facebook...