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How to make money with pay per call using direct mail


Typically pay per call has been done by buying click to call ads on the major pay per call platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook.

It’s definitely possible to make money doing this but as these platforms evolve it’s becoming harder and more expensive to create profitable campaigns.

The affiliates who consistently make good money are the ones who think outside of the box and test new strategies.

Many affiliates are great at doing that within the pay per click paradigm but recently I’ve been thinking about what pay per call opportunities exist in the offline world.

What follows is a step-by-step overview on how you can use direct mail to drive phone calls and make commission as a pay per call affiliate.

Step one: Find an offer

Choose an offer that’s a good fit for a direct mail campaign. Ideally you’re looking for something with a high payout that can be targeted using a direct mailing list. Some examples might be legal, insurance and home security.

If you haven’t already, sign up to some of the popular pay-per-call networks below.



Aragon advertising

Hypertarget Marketing


Palo Media

Step two: Finding leads

Since we’re using direct mail our leads are going to come from carefully curated mailing lists. Mailing lists are simply lists of names and addresses of people that are likely to be interested in the services you’re promoting.

For example, if you’re considering a home security offer you might want to purchase or rent a list of male homeowners, age 35-50 that have children and earn $40,000 or more / year. You could also consider targeting neighborhoods that have had recent break ins.

If you're looking at a bankruptcy offer you could consider a list of people who have recently filed for bankruptcy.

You get the idea.

Pricing will vary but you shouldn't expect to pay more than $0.20 / lead.

Here are a few places you can get mailing lists from but do your own homework and find a well maintained list that's updated for accuracy at least once per month.

Dietrich Direct


Strategic Lists

Caldwell List

List Giant

Prospects Influential

Conquest Graphics

Depending on the service you use there will likely be two ways for you to mail your campaign.

1. From a CSV

You’ll receive a CSV with the names and addresses of the leads you’re planning to mail to. In this case you will need to complete the mailing though some kind of direct mail platform which we’ll discuss later.

2. They will mail for you

In this case you will never actually see the list of leads you’re mailing. You will simply specify which leads you want to mail to and the type of media you want your message printed on. The list owner will then complete the mailing for you.

Step three: Come up with an offer

If the offer you’re working with allows incentivized traffic I suggest you create a short but valuable report that will be valuable to the leads that you’re targeting.

If you’re working on a home security offer then you might create a report that explains how to choose a good home security company. You could also consider creating something that explains how they could make their home more secure while they are deciding on the best home security option for them.

On your direct mail piece you can offer leads the valuable report you have created in exchange for them making the phone call. You might say something like “Call now and take part in our short 3 minute phone survey to get access to this free report.”

If you go this route you’ll need a way to deliver the report once the caller meets your payout duration. You can do this with an automated text message. I believe you can do this with Twilio, if not, there are plenty of other services out there you can use.

The text message should include a shortened link that sends the lead to a landing page where they can download the PDF report.

Be aware that most if not all pay per call offers do not allow incentives. If this is the case do not try to incentivize the call as it will result in you losing your payout and possibly being banned from the network.

Instead do a test call to get a feel for the call center and use your creativity to come up with a way to position the call itself valuable. Maybe the company offers some kind of evaluation over the phone. If this were the case you might say call now for your free evaluation and list some benefits of doing so.

Whatever you decide to use as an offer make sure you follow best practices

  • Your offer should be valuable to the person making the call

  • Your offer should be time sensitive to encourage fast action

  • Your offer should include an obvious call to action
Step four: Design and mail your direct mail piece

You can choose to use any kind of direct mail media you like but a 4X6 postcard is most likely the cheapest option and should be more than adequate to get your message across.

If you’re not great at graphic design consider having someone on Fiverr or Upwork create a design for you.

Once you’ve got a design you like it’s time to get it in mail. If the list owner / broker you’re working with will be mailing for you then they will provide you with clear details on exactly what they need from you for the design.

If you’re working from a CSV list then there are many services and API’s available such as Lob and Postgrid that will allow you to mail your campaign. Expect to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50 USD per mail piece depending on size and media. This price should include all printing and mailing costs.

You might be able to get it done cheaper by purchasing postcards through a service like Vistaprint and mailing them manually. However, I’d suggest using an automated service which will allow you to test and scale campaigns much faster.

When you’re ready to mail start with a small test of 500 - 1000 postcards. Your goal at the beginning is just to see if the campaign has potential to be profitable so if you have to pay a little more for the lower volume that’s fine.

Step five: Optimize for maximum ROI

Like any advertising campaign your chances of being very profitable right from the start are slim. If you’re fortunate enough to turn a decent profit on your first run you can consider scaling your campaign to earn more profit.

If you’re barely profitable, you broke even or you lost money it’s time to see if you can improve your campaign performance and get to a decent level of profitability.

Your audience will typically be the highest leverage point for optimization followed by your offer and then your design.

Audience: Consider narrowing your audience down, mailing a different audience or even consider a completely new list.

Offer: Try offering something that seems more appealing or take a new angle completely.

Design: Switch up your design. Change the colors, images and positioning to see if you can get a better response and improve conversions.

Step six: Scale

When you’re happy with your profits or you aren’t able to make any further improvements you can start scaling your campaign.

Do this slowly (20-30% increase in volume per send). ROI may start to drop slightly as you scale. This is normal but you should keep an eye on it.

You also want to make sure that the pay per call offer you’re sending leads to is happy with the quality of the leads you’re sending them. The last thing you want is to be taken off the offer after you just mailed 20K addresses.

Remember, just because you’re relatively happy with the returns your campaign is producing doesn’t mean you have to stop testing. You can continue to test new ideas for as long as you run the campaign. Do this by running single variable A/B tests on your audience, offer and design.

Step seven: Improve conversion with follow up

You can do this by setting up a text message campaign that follows up with leads who did not stay on the phone long enough for you to get a payout. Take a new angle to see if you can get these leads to call back and convert.

You’ll want to send these leads to a different offer in the same vertical since you won’t get paid for duplicate calls to the same offer.

In no way is this an exhaustive guide of how to make money with direct mail and pay per call but it does lay out the basic idea.

Good luck and happy pay per calling!
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Welcome, I guess. That's not an introduction, it's a promotional pitch.

where did you copy that from?

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Correction and Apology!

I just checked a couple of the sources of the original content and it appears that VladVan is the actual author. Sorry, @Vladvan! My apologies!

Sidenote: You still can't go around posting your promotional content here. Just so you know. :) Unless you're a verified vendor. If that's something you're interested in applying for, just let me know.
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