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  1. Arman

    Pay per call offer needed for Housing traffic.

    I have housing traffic. Searching pay per call offer.
  2. V

    How to make money with pay per call using direct mail

    Typically pay per call has been done by buying click to call ads on the major pay per call platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook. It’s definitely possible to make money doing this but as these platforms evolve it’s becoming harder and more expensive to create profitable campaigns. The...
  3. Arijit

    How is voluum used for Pay Per Call Marketing

    How iss voluum used for pay per call marketing? Please shres details

    Got calls ? want calls ? lets talk !!!

    Hello Guys this is Danny Lucas with revenue rich digital. At reveue Rich digital We are creative, responsive, persistent, ethical, innovative and smart.we specialized in performance marketing with a commitment to leads, calls and traffic that evolve into profitable customers and sales for our...
  5. sellagents

    Hello Affiliates

    I am Al Emran Mostafa, digital marketer trying to establish my pay per call business or trying to establish as a successful pay per call affiliate. I would love to hear from super affiliates about their journey, how they have started and their success. Please do feel free to share your...
  6. Shourove saha

    YouTube Traffic For Working On Pay Per Call ?

    Hello Does anyone use to youtube for pay per call? It's working to generate targeted calls? Its effected for pay per call? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  7. Shourove saha

    Looking for Credit Repair,Student Loan Consolidation Calls buyers

    Hi I am looking for Reliable Buyer or Pay per Call networks for Credit Repair, Student Loan Consolidation calls or leads. I am generating more than 100-150 calls for each Vertical Thanks.
  8. Tariq Ben

    Ask Me Anything I made $1,438.80 in a day

    I actually made $1,400+ in a day promoting water damage restoration pay per call offer.
  9. Tariq Ben

    Offer Wanted High Paying Home Service Offers

    Water Damage Restoration i ran with a guy paid me $75 for 95 seconds and also ran Fire Damage for same amount and duration. If you have a good offers for plumbing, pest control, locksmith, dentist, hotel booking etc please share so we all benefit.