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Best PPcall Offer For Bing Ads?

Imran Sikder

Hi i want to know whats the best converting offer for bing call only ads. Kindly share some converting offer which is best for bing call only ads. Thanks


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Try and align the PPC offers with Bing's GEO presence to start with.
Bid price and offer payout matter too.
Best means a local call center to the GEO IMHO.
US = Call center in the US for better conversions.


Sorry to bump an old post but I wanted to chime in.

I wouldn't run PPCall on Bing. Their call ads aren't true to form click to call ads like Google has. Also the call option only appears if you're in the first or second spot and even then is not guaranteed to show.

Now with picking an offer aim for something that people would need to call no matter what. Like hey I have a leaky pipe let me call a plumber.

Also your budget comes into play too. Some KW's that really drive calls are a bit expensive depending on the niche you get into.

Take your time to research the offers as well as what competitors are doing.