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  1. ahenry

    Netwising is exchange of pay per call companies is offering pay per call buy and sell program. If you are looking for pay per call exchange, this is the best place with great services. We have pay per call networks in all over the United States with Intelligent call tracking system.
  2. superbull

    Affiliates Wanted Viet Nam DIRECT & EXCLUSIVE CPA - PPCall Offers

    Hello all, I'm having all these direct offer for VN geo, take a look and contact me, I love to talk email: nguyennhk@eway dot vn - Skype: vinamilkbull Pay Per Call, Pixel fires when buyers agree to buy product, confirmed via Phone Call by advertiser' s Call Center Payout: 7$ / Confirmation...
  3. Marc0513

    Looking for Pay Per Call Traffic for various campaigns

    Hello All, Please feel free to skype me if you can provide direct pay per call traffic to our various campaigns. mdp0513 Thank you! Marc
  4. PPCmaster

    Pay per call affiliate

    Hello , How to generate calls through PPV traffic? Industry : plumbing I am newbie in pay per call marketing and want earn some money
  5. LCMpaypercall

    Facebook Pay Per Call Advice

    Looking for advice regarding how to find expert Facebook pay per call publishers. We have a lot of student debt, credit card debt, tax debt, business funding and mortgage campaigns.
  6. alkadelic

    Pay Per Call Affiliate

    Hi everyone, it's nice to see a community with so much value is given by it's members. I look forward to interacting with you and sharing my successes as well as my failures in affiliate marketing especially in the pay per call area. If you are a pay per call affiliate feel free to contact me to...
  7. Pay Per Call Guru

    Pay Per Call Gave Me Freedom!

    Hi guys, this is not my personal story, but one that was emailed to me by one of my students who took my Pay Per Call Exposed Course. Its so inspiring, and shows what dedication and action can achieve. Hoping it will inspire other affiliates - regardless if in pay per call or not. Live the life...
  8. B

    Pay Per Call Lead Gen

    Hello, my name is Blake and I work at HyperTarget Marketing. We are an affiliate network that specializes in pay per call lead generation. We currently work in multiple verticals and are always open to testing new offers out. If you are interested in receiving high quality calls from consumers...
  9. N

    Pay Per Call Networks For Travel

    HI Guy's Can anyone let me know what are the best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks For Travel? Actually we are looking for buy Calls for our Air Travel Business. Please do let me know if anyone know the best affiliate website... Thanks In Advance Regards N.
  10. Wuzzon

    Wuzz up? Greetings from Wuzzon Amsterdam

    Hi all, It's Louise from Wuzzon, Amsterdam. I co founded this agency back in 2007 and currently we are with a team of 10 (biz dev, publishing and technical/design specialist) managing many direct advertiser relations. NL is our strongest geo, but we also have some great campaigns in BE, DE, UK...
  11. lidoff

    Offer Wanted Can anybody advise me affiliate program for sex on the phone?

    Can anybody advise me affiliate program for sex on the phone? (Pay per call) which give phone number for the affiliate
  12. Dana Weintraub

    Med alert leads

    Anybody selling pay per call leads for medical alert?
  13. Shourove saha

    Pay Per Call Best Traffic Source

    Can some one suggest me best pay per call traffic source or good ideas.
  14. usamahayub123

    Looking for pay per call offers

    I am looking forward to some good pay per call offers. tried dentist pay per call offer but it does not work well. suggestions,
  15. B

    Click2Call Network

    Does anyone have any experience using click2call network? What are they like? Are they reliable? Do they pay on time? Do their offers convert well? What should I expect as a member? Any payment proof?
  16. usamahayub123

    Offer Wanted Looking for Travel Pay per Call Offer

    Hey, I am a Digital Marketing Professional and promoting pay per call offers on adwords and bing for past couple of months. I am currently looking for some Taxi or Rent a Cab related offer - Travel related pay per call offer but cannot find one on any network. tried searching on offervault as...
  17. Sandeep Narula

    Affiliates Wanted Great Payouts Offered - Tech Support Calls

    If you are a Network or Affiliate, lucrative payouts offered to all Tech Support Publishers. Its best if you have your own tracking platform, even if you don't we'll use ours. We are always interested in scaling more, hence prepayment is not an issue. Hit me up Skype:- sandeepnarula.sandeep
  18. Nazmul Islam

    looking for dating PP call traffic sources

    Hi, I'm looking some good traffics sources for my adult/dating pay per call offers.
  19. Pay Per Call Guru

    [CASE STUDY] Running a Profitable Pay Per Call Campaign from Start to Finish - April 2016

    Hey guys, I wanted to do this case study/walk through of running a pay per call campaign offer which was started in March 2016 and optimized to the results shown in April 2016 (and currently still running). I strongly believe Pay per call is the future of affiliate marketing – it has given me a...
  20. Pay Per Call Guru

    Webinar Check out this Pay Per Call Webinar I did with RingPartner

    hi guys I did this great webinar with RingPartner where I share some Tricks and Tips on how to be successful with Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. Something went corrupt with the video apparently - so they just uploaded the audio - still educational though.