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Whats more important web design or SEO?

Web design has an impact on both user experience and searches engine rankings.

Your SEO ranking will suffer as a result of poor web design techniques, and your site will appear lower in search results.

This has a direct impact on your company's bottom line, which is why investing in SEO-friendly site design from the outset is critical.
What is an SEO without a website? There can be no SEO without a website. Even the search engine was born out of web design. So web design takes precedence over SEO. In fact, web design is part of SEO as poorly designed website/code structure could affect SEO or would need additional effort to SEO it properly.
It's better to have both good design and good SEO. But without good design, the SEO will not be as effective, it seems to me.
Mostly parroted bullshit unfortunately.
If users appreciate you efforts and think your content is worthwhile the SEO will follow and you will prosper.
99% fail with crap content made to kiss Google's ass --truth.
Do you feel lucky today?
Successful SEO promotion is more important because without it the site even with the most chic design will be without attendance, "abandoned"
I believe that web design is as important as SEO, because without web design possible customers will not be interested in the site. without good SEO will be weak site.
Successful SEO promotion is more important because without it the site even with the most chic design will be without attendance, "abandoned"
Poor UX design is just wasting all the SEO work.
This is a Gestalt
You cannot succeed with one without the other.
Definition of gestalt : something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts
Web design is part of SEO. If your site for example is not mobile compatible or even if it is but not well designed, you will get that in your SEO report.



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It's always good to optimize your website thru SEO but nowadays due to google updates it's mandatory to have a good design for your website to rank it on Google
See both go hand in hand! There is no use of designing a website unless you don't know how to promote your website or say your business. Nice question though!
Give us your thoughts.
Both! It's not a condicio si ne qua non: If you drive SEO traffic to your site and it's not user friendly, it won't convert; if you have an amazing website and you don't take care of SEO, it will be a beautiful masterpiece that nobody will see :D

I totally say, it's a 50%50% ratio here
Totally get your point!
I've seen so many awesome sites that are ghost towns because they overlooked SEO. And on the flip side, you can have all the traffic in the world, but if your site's a nightmare to navigate, people are gonna bounce fast. It's like having a flashy billboard for a store that's a mess inside - doesn't work. I've always found balancing the two is the sweet spot.
Both web design and SEO are crucial; a well-designed website provides a good user experience, while SEO ensures it's discoverable, driving traffic and conversions. Balancing both is key for online success.
Well you can have the greatest site in the world ,if nobody sees it you will not get any client or money
On the other hand you can have a shit site but getting milions of visits to your site making you a lot of money
So in my opinion seo its more important