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[WEBINAR] How to Run Nutra Campaigns with Native Ads?


Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network
Running health & beauty offers is more than just having a good offer and a bit of luck. Nutra’s “secret sauce” is about effectively aligning all your resources: click-worthy creatives, tactics, and adtech tools. Okay, but how to put it all together?


Join us TODAY at 3 PM GMT for a FREE WEBINAR dedicated to building Nutra campaigns with Native ad formats.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • What GEOs are gaining popularity and what Nutra offers to look for
  • Your goals, conversion flow, and ad formats – how to transform into a viable strategy?
  • Scaling campaigns without blowing your budget
  • Capturing attention with compelling hooks: curiosity, problems, and triggers
  • Common obstacles affiliates face when running Nutra campaigns and tips to overcome them
  • Lessons from real case studies that you can apply right away

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