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  1. Gala

    Early Glimpse, Big Impact: 2024 Trends To Supercharge Your XMas Campaigns!

    :D Christmas is just around the corner, signalling the perfect moment to kick off your merry campaigns! Now, the challenge is to ensure they break off the festive commotion. Fortunately, Adsterra can help you out by sharing all the tidbits: Interstitials are here to boost your CTR x30: just...
  2. Gala

    Crystallizing the Future: Adsterra's Live Expert Talk on 2024 Predictions and Affiliate Marketing Trends!

    What a year 2023 has been! We've witnessed amazing changes, major opportunities, and unexpected plot twists. Now, the million dollar question is: What does 2024 have in store for us? :cool: If you're eager for a sneak peek into the crystal ball of the future, join us for our Live Expert Talk...
  3. Steve @ Voluum

    Official Industry trends & strategies for Black Friday 2022

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday season is crucial for brands and marketers! All the challenges facing global markets and the incredible competitiveness of advertising make it all the more daunting. But don’t worry! We have prepared a very special webinar together with Zeropark to help you make...
  4. Steve @ Voluum

    Official From 50K to 3M - Voluum & Taboola - the 6H Agency Success

    Scaling native ads from $50K to $3M | Free webinar with Taboola, 6H & Voluum! On September 14th, Taboola (one of the world’s leading native ad networks), 6H Agency (one of the biggest advertisers on Taboola), and Voluum (the world’s most popular affiliate ad tracker) are hosting a webinar...
  5. Steve @ Voluum

    How to run sports betting advertising campaigns in 2022

    How to run sports betting advertising campaigns in 2022 Brought to you by Voluum, Revpanda & PropellerAds There’s over $52 billion in the industry and almost every other young American has placed a sports bet before. So, not only is online betting massive, it’s consistently growing! So put...
  6. RichAds

    Official RichAds Monthly Webinars | JOIN NOW!

    NEW WEBINAR ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL WILL BE HELD THIS WEEK! Topic: Push and Pops trends in iGaming 2022: RichAds and SiGMA expert insights Date and Time: February 24, 15:00 GMT Presenters: Anastasia Kazakova, RichAds Head of Customer Success & Oliver de Bono, CSO at SiGMA and CEO at Wikibet...
  7. MarketCall

    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

    Dear affiliates, Join Marketcall team on December 7th at 12pm EST for our special end-of-year Holiday Happy Hour! :D In the live webinar, we will be discussing how we made over $500,000 running a Pay Per Call campaign with Google Ads - in JUST 2 MONTHS! :eek: We will be revealing some of...
  8. Steve @ Voluum

    Affiliate Academy is live ‍ Free online courses from Voluum – for newbies and intermediate affiliates!

    Good afternoon to you all! And good it is indeed, as we’re super happy to inform you that today – after months of hard work – we have finally launched our own Affiliate Academy! ✏️ It’s a series of completely FREE online courses for both the beginners & more experienced affiliates. At the...
  9. RichAds

    [FREE WEBINAR WITH BEMOB] Winning with PUSH Traffic in 2021: Learn to run and track campaigns

    New Webinar with RichAds partner — BeMob Ad Tracking Software! We are going to discuss the topic of PUSH traffic in 2021, analyze trends, and give top tips on a campaign running and tracking! Topic: "Winning with PUSH Traffic in 2021: Learn to run and track campaigns" When: February 24...
  10. RichAds

    [FREE WEBINAR] Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic

    We are ready to announce RichAds NEW WEBINAR with SUPER-PROFESSIONAL expert in the gambling vertical Topic: "Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic" Date and Time: March 2, 15:00 GMT Presenter: Anastasia Kazakova, RichAds Performance Manager + professional...
  11. 8020 Master

    Which one is better for conversions: email marketing or social media marketing?

    The case is clear for EMAIL over social: • 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. (ChoozOn) • Knowledge workers on average spend 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox. (McKinsey & Company) • Email is 40x more successful at...
  12. zeropark

    [Webinar] How to optimize your campaigns to profitability with Zeropark

    Hey all, Zeropark webinars return and this time we’re turning it up a notch. Two of our Customer Success Managers, Adam and Karolina, will guide you through the process of successful campaign optimization in Zeropark. With this webinar we’re focusing on intermediate-level affiliates, who...
  13. SwellStream

    Need Your Opinion About Webinar Software Features

    Hey guys! We are slowly developing a webinar software and to make sure this is something that people will use, I have a quick question: What's something that other webinar tools aren't getting right or lacking at the moment?
  14. Steve @ Voluum

    Voluum webinar: Learn how to protect your ads from bot traffic

    Bot Traffic Is After Your Money! Learn How to Protect Yourself. Most of us have already heard the scary term - Bot Traffic - many times. But do you know what it actually stands for? Truth is, bot traffic can greatly impact the performance of your ad campaigns & skew your metrics. Sign up for...
  15. Ludovic Vuillier

    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone, just here to introduce myself. I am a vendor (I posted up the offer in the relevant forum) with an extensive sales background. My goal here is to help me find affiliates for our site. Having said that, I am more than happy to answer any questions about sales that you may have...
  16. Ludovic Vuillier

    Event Would this event interest you?

    Hello, I have a very extensive background in sales and negotiations and was thinking of creating we free webinar for you guys on how to improve your sales and negotiations abilities (in other words, being better at effective communication). Is this something you guys would be interested in? If...
  17. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge and AdsPlexity webinar

    Hi AffiliateFix Community! We are happy to announce, that our first webinar this year will be this Thursday, 16th of January, at 3 pm (GMT +1). We are going to discuss the most necessary tools the modern affiliate needs to launch a really profitable campaign. Sign up, it’s going to be...
  18. TopOffers

    Official Promoting DATING Webinar by TopOffers & Adplexity!

    Hey mates! :affiliatefix: We’re extremely proud to announce that, on the 27th of November, TopOffers will be teaming up with Adplexity to host the Promoting DATING webinar! Gain valuable insights from not one, but two industry-leading companies. >>> Register here <<< Don't miss a chance to...
  19. PropellerAds

    Ask Me Anything [Webinar]: Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

    Hi everyone, Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting? When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah”. So, if learning to skim the cream off the betting market and to make your ad campaigns convert like fire sounds like something you need… then get...
  20. PropellerAds

    [WEBINAR] How to Run Nutra Campaigns with Native Ads?

    Running health & beauty offers is more than just having a good offer and a bit of luck. Nutra’s “secret sauce” is about effectively aligning all your resources: click-worthy creatives, tactics, and adtech tools. Okay, but how to put it all together? Join us TODAY at 3 PM GMT for a FREE...