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  1. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Official Explore a Lucrative Opportunity for CPA Traffic in the UK!

    Dear Members, As pioneers in the Health and Wellness domain, we proudly showcase three exceptional in-house brands. Our online store stands tall as a go-to destination for premium Health Supplements and a range of Healthcare Products. Excitingly, our websites are not just in English – they're...
  2. Adskeeper

    Selling Traffic AdsKeeper Official Thread - Bonus inside

    Hey AffilliateFix Community, We are happy to announce that AdsKeeper Team is starting its official thread here! No chit chat - only REAL cases, practical advice, and insights on native and push advertising. Stay tuned for exclusive offers from our partners such as top affiliate networks and...
  3. Jessica0312Wang

    Nutra Offers, High Payout, Good CR Promised

    Hi, There. We have several in-house nutra offers, looking for Facebook & Native traffic in US& CA. If interested. Email me at:
  4. DailyAffiliate

    Nutra Ads with Taboola (HELP ME OUT)

    Hello, I have been trying to get my Nutra campaign live on Taboola but they are rejecting it saying "Prohibited Content". The same type of campaigns are running for over 6 months with the same landing pages, how are they making it work? This campaign will be run in India only. I would love...
  5. PropellerAds

    [WEBINAR] How to Run Nutra Campaigns with Native Ads?

    Running health & beauty offers is more than just having a good offer and a bit of luck. Nutra’s “secret sauce” is about effectively aligning all your resources: click-worthy creatives, tactics, and adtech tools. Okay, but how to put it all together? Join us TODAY at 3 PM GMT for a FREE...
  6. Q

    Buying Leads Exclusive COD- Nutra Offer- Approve rate min 60%- GEO Vietnam

    HI guys, I'm Jane from ACCESSTRADE Vietnam. We own telesale, direct with local manufacture in skincare, adult, male enhancement... Our system could care up to 1000 lead/ daily/each offer. We are looking for COD- Nutra traffic in Vietnam. Highest payout (15$- 50$), all Lead be solved within one...
  7. Sam Noah

    Ask Me Anything On hunt for Good Quality Nutra Traffic

    Looking for high quality traffic for our Nutra offers. Ping me if you can provide.
  8. Tjeerd Traffic Company

    Looking for Nutra products!

    Hey everybody! I'm on the lookout for Nutra products right now and I need your help! If you have Nutra offers in need in traffic please hit me up. I'm very interested in knowing what the most successful way is for you to make your Nutra product a grand succes. Tell me all about your...
  9. Lucian SC

    Announcement In-house Nutra line at BitterStrawberry

    We're proud to announce that our in-house Nutra is going live soon in BitterStrawberry's Marketplace with it's first product. The product is the first from an upcoming line of high-quality complex supplements and already has excellent results in Pharmacies. Since it's a complex supplement...
  10. Susan

    Looking For Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden!

    Hi All! Looking for Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden! No doubt we can do a nice deal! PM on Skype: Speak to you soon! ;);):affiliatefix:
  11. Profit Partners

    Nutra Affiliates / Networks that can provide quality traffic?

    Hello there, we are a nutra advertiser, we own several Skin care & Diet offers that we are looking to get quality traffic to, if you think you can provide a stable daily volume, feel free to contact us via skype - profitpartnersaffiliates. We pay competitive CPA's - NET 5. Also, if you prove to...
  12. Susan

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Sweden Nutra traffic!

    Hi Guys! Do you have Sweden nutra traffic? Let`s get rich!:):):) We have our own exclusive in-house mainstream offer and looking for affiliates who are interested in cooperation. We work on CPA or RevShare model.;) Cannot wait to discuss with you! PM on Skype:
  13. Mia.lasermedia

    Affiliates Wanted Need affiliates with CPA Nutra traffic

    Hey Guys, Greetings from LASERmedia! We're in search of publishers in health & beauty vertical, able to drive high-quality native traffic to our exclusive CPA offers. LASERmedia has the best skin, diet, muscle, male, CBD... trial & straight sales offers for you. Good converting & competitive...
  14. Michael_Olavivo

    Offer Wanted Nutra + Ecomm Direct Advertisers Are Needed.

    Hi guys, We're looking for direct (owned by the advertiser only) Nutra and Ecomm offers. Please feel free to contact me via Skype and email at the below. Skype - live:kazula.michael83 Thanks a lot. Michael
  15. Jessica Wang

    Publisher Manager Jessica from Yeahmobi

    Hey, everybody. Nice to e-meet you guys. I'm a publisher manager in Yeahmobi, reaching out to you guys for FB, Native and Adw traffic on Skin, Diet, Man enhancement and Muscle verticals. We promise you good payout and high CR. Start to earn big with Yeahmobi Good Day.