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  1. aodaili

    Ask Me Anything Looking for the advertiser account agency of the native ad network!

    Hi, I am looking for the native advertising to run the nutra. I want the advertiser account agency of these native ad networks, outbrain, plista, adnow, etc. Is anyone here can do it? Please contact me, thanks!
  2. anas hanine

    Taboola Doesn't Spend

    i have published many campaigns and they get approved but they do not spend anything from the budget i give them monthly budget for each camp 100$ Please Any Help Thank you
  3. parveenk2013

    It's showing 1600 clicks on Native Ads but only 100 on Google analytics.

    Hi I tried to run a native ads campaign for a blog article, just to increase the views. Here are the stats before I stopped it: But on GA, the stats are: Can anyone explain this? What's wrong in here? I don't think that there's any problem with GA code implementation. Let me know
  4. RyanOak

    Journey to $10.000+ per month with Native Ads

    Hello, I decided to open my Journey thread to help others and get help from you guys. And hope it will motivate myself and others as well. A bit of my background you can read on my Success Stories and Bragging thread. I first heard about native ads 2 years ago from this guy. I wanted to try...
  5. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  6. SuryaJ

    EZMob : Native ads Traffic

    Hello Members, As always, we tend to keep you up to date with the latest updates, this time we choose to draw the attention for our Native ads inventory. We Serve - • Worldwide Traffic • Mainstream and adult traffic type. • Premium direct publisher inventory • Supports all...
  7. Adskeeper

    Selling Traffic AdsKeeper Official Thread - Bonus inside

    Hey AffilliateFix Community, We are happy to announce that AdsKeeper Team is starting its official thread here! No chit chat - only REAL cases, practical advice, and insights on native and push advertising. Stay tuned for exclusive offers from our partners such as top affiliate networks and...
  8. Laimonas

    What Native ads management tool are you using?

    Hi everyone! :) I was wondering what tools are you using for native ads management? And why? Please let me know in the comments below.
  9. Ma'at Hetep

    Getting Started With Native Ads

    Hello, I will appreciate anyone who can help me with Native Ads. All I have been reading so far on them is good. I have looked online for some of these networks but still don't know how to go about it. Any networks or recommendations will be helpful and appreciated.Thanks for your time...
  10. RyanOak

    $71k Revenue in the last 365 days with Dropshipping using only Instagram Shoutouts!

    As the title says I generated $71k in the last 365 days with my dropshipping store. Main traffic source - Instagram shoutouts. Before I jump more into details, here are Sales report: Don't look at the costs row, that data is incorrect. I know, you want to know the profit, so that number is...
  11. harnur

    Do we have PUSH ADS expert here?

    so, I have been doing push ads for a few days...and I have a couple of questions regarding it. 1. Is there a daily fluctuation in ROI while using push ads? (the way pop ads fluctuates 50% - 400% each day) 2. Do we have to change the Landing page and creatives, that the same user...
  12. PropellerAds

    Ask Me Anything [Webinar]: Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

    Hi everyone, Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting? When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah”. So, if learning to skim the cream off the betting market and to make your ad campaigns convert like fire sounds like something you need… then get...
  13. PropellerAds

    2 Dating Case Studies with Push and Native traffic

    Hey everyone! Want some hot stories about push and native traffic? Dating is what you need :o Today we've prepared 2 case studies about dating. Check out: [Case Study 1]: The USA, 50% ROI and ... drum roll ... our new advertising format Native Ads! Ad Format: Native Ads Offer...
  14. Flaxy

    Journey to Reaching $100 profit a day with Native Ads

    Previously I was on a journey with popunders (here). At the same time I was also testing out native ads for a while(2 weeks or so) and while I wanted to focus on popunders(hence the journey), it seems like native ads is what has struck gold first. So I will stick to what the data is telling me...
  15. PropellerAds

    [WEBINAR] How to Run Nutra Campaigns with Native Ads?

    Running health & beauty offers is more than just having a good offer and a bit of luck. Nutra’s “secret sauce” is about effectively aligning all your resources: click-worthy creatives, tactics, and adtech tools. Okay, but how to put it all together? Join us TODAY at 3 PM GMT for a FREE...
  16. PropellerAds

    Native Ad Widgets - new ad format by PropellerAds

    Hi guys! Recently we've launched a new ad format - Native Ads. Native Ads or Native Widgets are content widgets placed at the most viewed parts of the webpage. Each Native ad has these two elements: Title (up to 65 characters) Image (492 x 328 px; jpg or png) 

Pricing Min. bid for...
  17. harnur

    Why am i FAILING in native ads?

    Hello, I have been spying/replicating/duplicating/copying some native ads copy that have been running for 26+ days, i have ran 3-4 offers, spend around $300-$400, but i still haven't made a single penny in affiliate commission. Why isn't it working for me? Till now i was promoting Clickbank...
  18. harnur

    Do we have any Native Ads(Outbrain) Expert here?

    i use outbrain, in outbrain there any way to know which website/audience/category or attribute my competitor is targeting? Which websites my competitor has whitelisted/blacklisted in his targetting? I am already using spy tools, but they don't have this feature. How can i find it?
  19. TheOptimizer

    [Case Study] $60k Profit on Taboola Running Casino App Installs

    Today we are going to share with you a recent profitable campaign we ran on Taboola including all it’s details. We often hear people say that these days it’s really hard finding a profitable campaign, it won’t last, natives are hard etc etc. As usual, most of these people never took the effort...
  20. R

    Dynamic Insertion Question - Does city or state work better?

    When it comes to dynamic insertion of a city or state in a headline, what have you had the most success with? Using city or the state? Looking forward to hearing about it. Thanks as always!