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PropellerAds Multisource advertising platform

PropellerAds Multisource advertising platform

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  1. PPC
  2. Display
  3. Mobile
  4. Other
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  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Payoneer
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PropellerAds is a multisource advertising platform that gives media buyers, agencies, brands, and affiliate marketers access to unique traffic sources as well as AI-based ad-serving/optimization tools.

The company is a member of IAB Europe with a ISO/IEC 27001 Safety Certification.
Our Platform covers 195+ GEOs with 12 billion advertising impressions per day.

Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became a leader in Popunder advertising first, and then expanded into the display advertising market with Push Notifications and other formats.

The main platform’s benefits are:
  • Multiple exclusive traffic sources in a single advertiser’s account
  • Exceptional traffic quality and purity ensured by the latest anti-fraud software
  • Demographic and Interests Targeting for Push ads
  • In-Page Push – a traffic type that allows you to target iOS and Mac devices
  • Direct Click traffic for Popunder campaigns that might boost your CR up to 120 times
  • CPA Goal – a new-generation optimization tool that ensures your campaign will reach the conversion price you set with no effort on your part
  • Precise statistics and A/B testing tools
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Latest reviews

I have tested Push traffic in this thread:
I did not get excellent results but compared to the other traffic source in my follow along Propeller did way better...
I still got 30+% bot traffic but I suppose this could have been cut down to a more reasonable number would I have known how...
Traffic quality was way better, I did get way more conversions with the propeller traffic... Again not as much as expected but for my first campaigns there can be so many reasons for this.
Overall happy with the service and the one time I contacted them with a support question I got a very fast and clear response.
Propellerads offer good cpm rates. Their platform is easy to use. With just few visitors, you can monetize your website. Apply now as publishers/ advertisers and you will not regret it. I like most of their ads format which can lead to a good conversion and for Publisher the CPM is high as per their GEO of traffic. This system is what keeps nearly 100% of advertisements served through Propeller Ads safe and secure. Propeller Ads has systems in place to protect users, publishers, and advertisers.
I work with propellerads in 7 years, They alway bring alot good placements, even on POP traffic,, They offer you alot of method to topup, Very good account manager : Renz Gonzales :)
Propeller Ads is currently my main source of Ad Network, CPM is great and I'm using the Native Ad Banner and In-Page Push. I love the Ad Placements because it is organized and responsive, it is easy to customize, fits perfectly, and pleasing to the eyes! The dashboard is simple and user-friendly.
I have used propeller ads on my network and give the best CPM results with pop-under, banners, push network, which gives the best performance of revenue with traffic on any geo will be accepted which is giving me best performance in order to get a right solution for publishers.
its the best ad network to earn some great money....especially the popunder provides a great CPM. Their Instant Approval is a Great Stuff as well. Propeller Ads Support is awesome they reply fast and understands The Concerns Wisely. Must-Try Ad Network
since I joined to become a publisher at, I have got a lot of benefits and also support services, I am fast response and very helpful if there are problems with ads posted on my website. There are also many types of ads on propellerads such as pop under ads, banner ads, native ads and the latest In-Page Push.
i recommend propellerads it is Very good advertising network I was looking for a solution to monetize my website and now Propellerads is one of the best for me specially for push & native traffic. I recommend push notifications for monetization. Huge volumes, good quality and optimization tools.

Propeller is the best goggle adsense alternative…
Propeller ads is a perfect solution for bloggers looking to monetize their blog or network of blogs
Hi, I am a Media Buyer and working with PropellerAds for one year. It has a very good traffic for all Geos and also tech support is good too. Best Ad platform for Push ads.
good traffic and helpful support