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Ask Me Anything [Webinar]: Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by PropellerAds, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. PropellerAds

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    Hi everyone,

    Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting? When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah”.

    So, if learning to skim the cream off the betting market and to make your ad campaigns convert like fire sounds like something you need… then get yourself to this FREE webinar!

    SUPER packed agenda:
    • Types of sporting events you should target
    • Latest statistics on most profitable sports, top GEOs, seasonality, devices and click-through rates
    • Mastering timing, frequency, and combining ad formats to catch every fan’s attention
    • Saving your budget & acing bidding strategies
    • Harnessing the power of hype and boosting CTR with the right banners (recommendations from the conversions team)
    • Real-life examples & Case studies

    Are you seriously still not registered?

    Register here for the free webinar -> Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting | PropellerAds
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