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  1. Adtrex

    Affiliates Wanted Sports Betting Advice Site is featuring top Las Vegas Handicappers and Professional Sports Bettors. What we do is telling people who to bet on. Our success rate is close to 90%! If you have sport/sports betting traffic, join our affiliate program. Affiliates - Professional Betting Advice And Sports...
  2. PropellerAds

    Ask Me Anything [Webinar]: Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

    Hi everyone, Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting? When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah”. So, if learning to skim the cream off the betting market and to make your ad campaigns convert like fire sounds like something you need… then get...
  3. Graybeard

    Sports Gambling Now Legal In The USA

    Supreme Court strikes down sports betting law Intrastate sports books are now legal in all 50 states Interstate sports betting is legal and to be regulated by Congress (eventually) Internet sports books in the USA could be lawful. Read the article ;)