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  1. MyBid

    Trending Ad Creatives for Promoting Dating Offers in Vietnam: How to Win Over the Vietnamese Audience with Push Notifications

    Should you launch campaigns in crowded geos or should you try your luck in emerging ones? Everyone has their own take on this. If you decide to go for the latter, Vietnam is a very interesting option, especially when it comes to promoting dating campaigns. In this article, we'll look at the...
  2. MyBid

    How to Use Push Notifications to Warm Up a Domain and Bypass Facebook Algorithms

    Bans on Facebook have become a common problem for many affiliate marketers who advertise on the platform. These bans happen for different reasons, like the types of things being promoted or if there are any suspicious activities happening with the accounts. However, one thing that people don't...
  3. MonRays

    Official Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work?

    Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work? Hello, Team MonRays here! What if we told you that even with stable profits and high ROI, you might not be maximizing the potential of your traffic flow and there's an opportunity to earn even more? No, you won't need to expand your...
  4. MonRays

    Official How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️

    How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️ The In-Page advertising format can be a highly beneficial tool for promoting dating offers. In skilled hands, such advertising attracts attention, creates an emotional connection with the user, and motivates them to take some action. We will...
  5. MonRays

    Official Get $100 bonus from Adthorized x MonRays!

    Get $100 bonus from Adthorized! Looking for the best offers for your traffic? Then Adthorized is what you need! Company works with high-performing verticals, including DATING, CAMS, SWEEPSTAKES, NUTRA, CASINO and ASTRO. Benefits of working with Adthorized: ⭐️ in-house and exclusive offers; ⭐️...
  6. MonRays

    Official Dating Vertical Trends in 2023⚡️

    Dating Vertical Trends In 2023⚡️ - MonRays & Vortex Insights The dating vertical, a perennially dynamic field in the realm of affiliate marketing, continues its journey of transformation as we delve deeper into 2023. To grasp the pulse of this ever-evolving landscape, let's delve into key...
  7. MonRays

    Official MonRays Launches PWA

    We have great news! Now, MonRays offers the ability to create Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which opens up numerous possibilities to enhance user experience and improve CR performance. What is PWA, and why is it important? Applications for gambling and dating are well known to...
  8. MonRays

    Official 6 Ways To Boost Dating Niche Push Subscribers❤️

    Introduction: In the competitive world of dating platforms, capturing and retaining the attention of users is crucial. One powerful tool at your disposal is push notifications, which can significantly boost user engagement and conversions. In this article, we will explore seven proven...
  9. MonRays

    Official Best Push Service For Media Buying In Dating Niche❤️

    Best Push Service For Media Buying In Dating Niche❤️ First of all, we came to a push service that allows "spamming" with pushes and understands what's going on. Secondly, it's about the analysis capabilities. With Onesignal, we needed to make additional superstructures, but here we get a...
  10. MonRays

    Official New Updates: Improved Functionality And Features!

    Hi, we are happy to announce our latest updates on the platform. We have 4 news: Before, it was necessary to indicate the target in each push, pop, and inpage separately. Now, in order to speed up and make the management process easier, we have moved the targeting option "outside" from each...
  11. MonRays


    Affiliates can enhance their conversion rates and generate higher earnings, up to 20% more than their typical return on investment, by utilizing targeted notifications aimed at segmented groups within their audience. Why MonRays? ✅POP-UP: The pop-up is an effective way to attract the attention...
  12. Mondiad

    Official Mondiad - self-serve, global ad network: Push & Native ads!

    Mondiad submitted a new resource: Mondiad - Self-serve global ad network, dealing with push and native traffic, worldwide! Read more about this resource...
  13. Honeybadger

    Push Ads --> Whats a Good Unsubscribe Rate?

    So I now got 700 push ad subscribers always get unsubscribes each push pushing only blog posts last push got 700 sends 11 clicks (1.5% CTR) 2 unsubscribes (0.3% unsub rate) Hey @T J Tutor cant find the correct forum for push ads looked under traffic sources
  14. camilla.kimchi

    Make Money Online with Pushtimize - Vietnam

    Hey guys. How are you? I'm Camilla from Adflex, Vietnam and i am want to find traffic owners who has websites. Wow. We have PUSHTIMIZE - a platform allowing you to monetize your traffic with Push Notifications. Revenue Models: CPSub or Rev-share. Y
  15. IcyAds

    Official IcyAds - Domain Redirect, POP, PUSH Notification and iOS Calendar Self Serve DSP

    IcyAds - Coolest Self Serve Advertising Network. Zero Click, POP, PUSH Notification, iOS Calendar Traffic Read more about this resource...
  16. Ana Tavares

    Are you using UAL to improve ROI in push campaigns?

    Do you know how to use the User Activity Level ❓ The UAL is a tool you should always consider using to get the best results on your push notifications campaigns. Why? Because the UAL allows you to target the "age" of the users, which is strongly related to engagement and therefore has a...
  17. lalala


    Just wondering if you have come across a system called PushProBot? I foud it in a package of about 10 others from WarriorPlus (for pay-what-you-like = $7). It is an amazing automated Push Notification landing page system. Cost about $300. He must pay multiple $10K per month in programmers...
  18. Hugov

    Making money from your own Push subscribers

    Recently while looking through ad spy landing pages I've got an conclusion that nowadays most people gather their own subscribers for push notifications and send them their own made notifs. depending on user country and some other factors. This may be really great way of promoting for example...

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM is now on Telegram!

    We want to let you know that we just launched our Telegram Channel. If you want to keep up with MOBIPIUM's news, you SHOULD follow this Channel! What are we going to post there? HOT verticals, TOP offers, tips for our affiliates, platform updates, events we’re attending… and more! CLICK HERE...
  20. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Required APK Android Traffic ~ Big Budget

    Hello Folks, Urgently looking for APK Android traffic for Geo : IN . Live reporting available. Feel free to contact me here or over skype