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How to Use Push Notifications to Warm Up a Domain and Bypass Facebook Algorithms


Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
Bans on Facebook have become a common problem for many affiliate marketers who advertise on the platform. These bans happen for different reasons, like the types of things being promoted or if there are any suspicious activities happening with the accounts. However, one thing that people don't often think about is how important it is for Facebook to trust the website domain being used.

In this article, the MyBid team will talk about a different way to get a website domain ready for use with Facebook. But before we get into that, let's first understand why it's so important to warm up a domain.


Why warm up your domain?​

Imagine this common scenario: An affiliate marketer opens up an ad account, goes through the necessary steps to warm it up, and quickly sets up their targeted advertising. However, before long, their campaign gets banned because one of the domains they used doesn't have an SSL certificate.

Affiliates have become accustomed to the importance of warming up their accounts before launching campaigns, but the same level of attention hasn't been given to domains.

However, properly warming up a landing page can have huge advantages, especially in profitable niches like cryptocurrency, gambling, or high-end products. There are two main benefits:
  • Increased trust from the Facebook platform: A landing page that has already gained some traffic and has a good Trust Rank significantly reduces the chances of being red-flagged by Facebook's moderators. This means that Facebook is more likely to trust and allow the advertising campaign to run smoothly.
  • Faster moderation: Facebook's process of reviewing ads can be time-consuming, often taking several days for a thorough evaluation. While the exact details of Facebook's trust-building mechanisms are not known to us regular users, affiliates who have already established themselves as reliable sources of traffic with trusted landing pages enjoy faster and smoother moderation processes. This is because their accounts have already built a reputation for credibility and trustworthiness.

How to properly warm up a domain​

Outlined below are five effective methods for increasing domain trust. These approaches require minimal financial investment but demand a certain amount of time. Let's start with the simplest technique:

Add privacy policy​

A privacy policy is a document that explains to users what information your website collects about them and why. It's usually placed at the bottom of the page, although not many people actually read it. However, Facebook bots do take notice of it. By adding a privacy policy, you can improve your domain's reputation on Facebook. It doesn't cost anything, but it can bring significant benefits.

There are no strict rules on what a privacy policy should look like. In fact, it can be as simple as a short statement of your intentions.


You can find online templates that can help you create a custom privacy policy with less effort. You can even use ChatGPT to generate it.

Connect an SSL certificate​

An SSL certificate is a digital license that serves two purposes: it verifies the authenticity of your website and enables encrypted connections. Without an SSL certificate, information transmitted to your server is vulnerable to interception. This lack of security can reduce trust, both from Facebook and potential visitors.

You can easily identify a site with an SSL certificate by looking for the "Connection is secure" indicator in the page details. Popular websites like Wikipedia typically have this feature.


Obtaining an SSL certificate usually involves submitting documents and verifying your identity, but you can also purchase one. It's a relatively an affordable investment, costing just a few dollars. There are various SSL certificate providers that you can find through a simple online search. Some options are free and valid for a few months, while others are paid and can be valid for several years.

Our advice: Take your time to install an SSL certificate because it will greatly boost the trustworthiness of your domain and landing pages.

Increase domain authority:​

If you want to boost your website's credibility, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to see if your content is popular. You can tell by looking at things like how many other websites link to yours, whether your site shows up near the top of search results, and if you're getting a good amount of traffic without paying for it. Facebook is less likely to ban your domain if it has popular and interesting content.

One of the easiest ways to make your website more credible is by buying links. There are websites where you can pay around $30 to $50 to have your link placed on other sites. It's a quick and effective method, but there are some downsides. You have to be careful and check each site manually because sometimes your link might end up on a site that uses grayhat practices.


You can also increase your authority on your own. To do this, as an affiliate marketer, you can post links to your site on various platforms such as niche forums, chat groups, blogs, and more. This method can be a bit tedious, but it's a suitable option if you have plenty of free time and don't want to spend extra money.

Buy the right domain​

Let's talk about choosing the right domain name. We will give you four options, and you can think about which one you think Facebook would trust the most:
  • .online
  • .we
  • .xyz
  • .fun
The answer is none of them. These domain names are considered to be at the bottom of the list in terms of trustworthiness. They are usually cheap and often associated with low-quality content, so platforms like Facebook don't really like them from the start.

On the other hand:
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .edu
The domain names above have a different story. They are more respected and trusted. They are higher up in the hierarchy and often associated with specific purposes or regions. So, platforms like Facebook tend to have more trust in them.

You can even look at data from a source like Statista, which shows the top 10 domain names for December 2023. The platform loves these kinds of domains, and accordingly, they are considered more trustworthy.


Using push notifications to earn extra money​

The concept behind this strategy is quite straightforward. Here's a brief summary:
  1. Select a domain and create a landing page on it. Ensure that you set up a pixel for the landing page with the Pageview event from any account.
  2. Launch a push notification campaign targeting this landing page. Don't worry too much about the specific niche. You can even use the MyBid advertising network since it has high-quality traffic for this task.
  3. As Facebook observes increased traffic to your domain, it begins to perceive it as more reliable. The advantage of push notifications is that you don't have to be concerned about the additional costs associated with running campaigns on social media.
By the end of this process, you will have a trusted domain that you can use for any niche since Facebook will be less likely to flag it. That's already a big achievement!

Pro tip: Facebook offers a tool that allows you to see how they assess your domain. You can check it out at Sharing Debugger - Meta for Developers.

This method provides a few additional benefits beyond circumventing Facebook's restrictions:

Besides bypassing social networks, this method has additional advantages:
  1. You'll have a landing page with consistent traffic and statistical data, which can help you find advertisers who can place their ads on your site and pay you.
  2. While the domain is gaining trust, you can earn extra money from push notifications. Alternatively, you can choose any affiliate offer that receives traffic through push notifications. Consider using the MyBid advertising network, where you can access traffic for cheap and you can earn extra money by promoting the offer.
  3. You can sell the trusted domain on forums and marketplaces at any time, potentially earning a big profit. This is another way to make money.


Warming up your domain is important. It should be a regular practice for any affiliate marketer who aims to make money without constantly facing bans. While there are many approaches to accomplish this, the push notification method is somewhat unconventional, resulting in less competition at the moment.
Maybe buying links might work in this context --Facebook ads.

For SEO it's a death sentence for that domain.

If you are just going to be using ads it's worth a try IMO.
Maybe buying links might work in this context --Facebook ads.

For SEO it's a death sentence for that domain.

If you are just going to be using ads it's worth a try IMO.
Yes, we are only talking about ads here, so that Facebook’s algorithms are more favorable when launching and scaling a campaign.