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  1. koka12


    Hi, How can I open an account on facebook in USA for non-residents? (I try VPN but the account doesn't work)
  2. anandbernard

    How I made $1.5 Million in 1month using Facebook ads?

    Facebook ads after iOS 14 - How to run profitable and scale? $1 million case study. It's never the same when it comes to running ads after iOS14. Well, the good news is the users are still the same as they keep growing and getting better every day. Over the past years, Facebook had a huge...
  3. parveenk2013

    How can I increase my FB Ads daily spend limit?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to know how can I increase my FB ads daily spent limit? Right now it's only $50 per day for the new account, Is there any way to increase it faster? Or how long does FB takes to increase it? I want to scale my campaigns and it's becoming an issue. Any alternate solution...
  4. F

    Affiliate & "Facebook in app browser"

    Heys guys im currently posting vacation houses in Facebook groups (100.000 members) - i have ben posting for about 40 days now and i got 3.000 clicks. But no conversions. The url is working fine and i cant find any other techincal issue. So.. could the Facebook in app browser be the problem...
  5. Honeybadger

    How can I find a list of bots that auto re-post?

    Is there a method to find lists of social media accounts (from networks listed below) that have scripts set to automatically re-post specific tags? Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Pinterest
  6. Adam19851

    1 Million Facebook Group Member

    Hi Mate ,I want To Know How To Grow Facebook Group 1 Million.Is There Have Any Automation Software Or Program For Automatically Add Member In Facebook Group? Thanks
  7. williamrs

    Complete Guide For Affiliates On How To Deal With Facebook Ad Account Bans

    Disclaimer The goal of this guide is to show you how to keep a healthy Facebook ad account. The information you'll find in the next pages has come from years of experience as an advertiser on Facebook as well as working with other internet marketers and digital agencies on their Facebook...

    Review Where to buy Facebook accounts

    In a separate article, we have already written that Facebook accounts are different. These can be autoregs, brutes, real user accounts, or cloud accounts. A separate criterion is how much the account is warmed up: how many activities the account has, how long ago it was last used, etc. On the...

    Review Main mistakes in running Facebook ads

    We've rounded up the top mistakes that affiliates make when launching Facebook ads. Before launching your ads, check your ad campaign with the blocks below. Wrong budget allocation Before launching large-scale ad campaigns, test the effectiveness of your ad on a small audience with a small...

    How to customize the Facebook pixel

    It's hard to imagine a situation where an affiliate who works with Facebook doesn't use a social network pixel. What is a pixel, why is it needed and how to set it up, we will tell in the article below. What is Facebook Pixel A pixel is a special code that collects information about visitors...

    Review How to choose a proxy

    We have previously written that for affiliate marketing it is important to: Mask the real data of your connection. The data of the connection must look like the data of a real user. To do this, you need to use an antidetect browser and proxy. With their help, from one device, you can...
  12. I

    Follow along - Facebook ads with clickbank

    Hi guys! This is my first month as an affiliator, didn't make any money yet but I'm not giving up and improving every day. So, I currently have 2 campaigns running, one in astrology niche with $5/day budget and the other in woodworking niche with a $12/day budget. Both are running under the...
  13. Honeybadger

    PPC: Should I ignore Google Search in 2021?

    Need new traffic source in 2021 Know almost nothing about You Tube ads (just 95% irrelevant ads) Maybe in 2021 will just do You Tube ads? Really target for customer intent search about product Customer search --> 'how to trim nostril hair?' My product --> Nostril hair trimmer video Is it good...
  14. Honeybadger

    How to make money on Facebook

    Read this Put it to action How to Make Money From Your Content on Facebook
  15. David Mali

    How I Make $150 Per Day On Teespring

    Teespring has an easy online designer to create T-shirts. Then, just set your price and a sales goal. If you collect enough pre-orders, they will manufacture and ship the T-shirt to buyers. One of the best things about this site is that you keep ALL of the profit on T-shirt sales. However...
  16. victor_mkey

    Facebook Creatives Checker

    Hey Everybody! If you know some good services where users can check creatives for adult/ violence / fraud content presence - please, share some. I need it in order to understand, will my creative pass FB moderation or not, because Clarify is the worst service I`ve ever tried
  17. MarketCall

    Webinar "How to run Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers on Facebook ads"

    Marketcall team shared the case study on running health insurance offer with facebook ads and answered participants questions. In this webinar you will find: Types of Facebook ads flow for health insurance Which campaign type converts best for pay per call offer How to target right audience...
  18. Anna_M

    I'm Anna and I'm going to become successful affiliate!

    Hello! I am an internet marketer and I work with white Google Ads for an agency. I want to find way to work with Google Ads as affiliate. I've been working with Facebook for 2 months as affiliate. I earn some money there, but not too much. I'm looking for new opportunities!
  19. Z

    BMs For Sale

    Hello, Been having loads of issues with BMs these months, I only run white hat ecom offers but keep getting hit with circumventing even after changing the domain, product page, pixel, audiences, its crazy.. If you could point me in the right direction please, thanks! Or if you have some for...
  20. Anastasia AdCombo


    Hello everyone! We are a young team which has just stepped into the field of affiliate marketing – RPT. Today we want to present our short case to you. We have been driving traffic to AdCombo’s adult offers for different GEOs. There will be no overwhelming numbers, but we will try to describe...