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Trends In Traffic Sources

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Bahbahjimmy, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Bahbahjimmy

    Bahbahjimmy Affiliate affiliate

    In the 21st Century, a noticeable trend is the level at which Traffic sources works.
    Some traffic sources continue to stay as strong as there were some are losing their edge. While for some you would need to spend more (Native, AdWords), while with others you will not need to spend much (POP, Adult). There are various types of traffic sources ranging AdWords, Facebook, POP, Native, Video, Display and adult.
    Traffic sources like Facebook, AdWords, POPs are getting stronger as long as you get the mastery and Knowledge. Unlike Display that has had its effect reduced in the Global market, other sources like Native, Adults and the likes has not really lived up to its expectation.
    So as 2017 has kicked with various networks getting new pubs and all, my advice to you as a pub either a Newbie or an experienced affiliate, you need to understand what works for what, decide on which you want to do, create and maintain an angle for that works best for you.
    Should you need any technical assistance in traffic and traffic set up and offers that convert best , kindly connect with me
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