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  1. ledrew

    My Name is Ledrew

    Hi Everyone my name is Ledrew and I am from Bermuda, a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I am a retired senior with 8 grandchildren married to one wife for 43 years. I am here to help and learn how to create a sustainable second income.
  2. E

    Question: Clickfunnel Ideas & What Super Affiliates Do?

    Hi, I am somewhat new to affiliate marketing, I understand the mechanics of it, but I have some questions. What are some good clickfunnel ideas? What do super affiliates do(what products/services do they market, do they use SEO/SEM/Social Media, etc.) in order to achieve such high profits...
  3. Pjamble

    Looking for a Superaffiliate .. know one?

    Hi guys .. I need to contact a Super affiliate , or an Affiliate that has lots of experience and premium clients ... very important , the niche he specializes in is irrelevant Can anyone point me in the right direction ? ( i'm not trying to promote anything) Thanks
  4. Haider khan


    Which traffic sources people currently use to run diet trial offers in 2017? I was using adwords ppc what about you?
  5. Bahbahjimmy

    Trends In Traffic Sources

    In the 21st Century, a noticeable trend is the level at which Traffic sources works. Some traffic sources continue to stay as strong as there were some are losing their edge. While for some you would need to spend more (Native, AdWords), while with others you will not need to spend much (POP...
  6. badboy_nick

    Ask Me Anything Full-Time Super Affiliate (Money, Cars, Women, Booze) - Ask me anything :)

    Hey guys I'm a CPL super affiliate (I know, the term totally sucks but hey!) and I've been here for a while now, so I figured might as well do an Ask Me Anything since I had a lot of requests lately. In a nutshell, I make a full time living cranking out my own PPC lead generation campaigns...