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  1. Z

    Hi everyone! Looking to connect with affiliate & brands, specifically in the b2b & Saas Industry!

    Hi all! My name is Zoey Schneider and I am obsessed with all things affiliate marketing! I have been in the industry for about two years now, and just recently took the leap of starting my own performance marketing agency! My agency typically focuses on helping technology startups and...
  2. K

    Ask Me Anything 3 Habit To Avoid As An Affiliate Marketer

    Maximize Your Productivity By Avoiding This Habits As an entrepreneur time is one of the must valuable asset you have. It is also the most limited resources. So to maximize your productivity you need to have a good time management in place, which also involves giving up or avoiding some habits...
  3. Honeybadger

    Case Study: Day in Life of Affiliate Marketer

    Normal day I earn $60 Today I set myself challenge $200 This is case study from when I wake up to sleep All steps I took (if you reading it today I will update all day) ..................................... Coffee :cool: Set earning target $200 today Google Trends (what happens in my niche last...
  4. Tanay Kumar Das

    Hi All , Tanay is here To Contribute Something Good .....

    Hello, This is Tanay , A digital Marketing Specialist and a Full Time Affiliate Marketer. My Goal here is to help you mates in all your queries . I will also try to make some fresh posts as well. I will be delighted if I can of any help to this community.
  5. Chris CpaHall

    Buying Leads New interface, New High converting offers!!!

    Looking for good affiliates with quality traffics and leads. If you are looking for good and high converting offers then we are waiting for you. Our doors are open for you if you have quality traffic and leads. Please do visit our network for more details. Give it a try to get the prove that we...
  6. K

    I hope to return affiliate marketing

    Hello Guys,,, I tried to be an affiliate marketer 3 years ago, I lost a lot of money in FB Ads and many ads network, I remember just one offer give me 5$ profit :), i was happy but i loss up to 1000$ in ads and tools, the affiliate network was Maxbounty. the Qus is, i'm thinking to...
  7. Nongmaithem Archna

    What is the best adult affiliate network for advertiser?

    What are the best adult affiliate networks (live cams, dating ...)? I want to join as an advertiser. If there is any network with no fee at registration, please let me know that too. I will appreciate any suggestion. Thank you.
  8. Akshar Mohan

    Howdy! This is Akshar from HowToCracker | Blogger & Marketer

    What's up guys... This is Akshar Mohan from HowToCracker (Blog about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Investments, Business, and more). And from now on I'll be contributing to this Affiliate Community by answering your general affiliate queries...
  9. Brijbhushan

    My self Brij bhushan - A SEO expert and affiliate marketer

    I am a Blogger and SEO expert Specialisation in Digital Marketing & SMO. Presently working as Content and marketing head at My previous organisation was Gizmostimes.
  10. cfcarter1

    Motivated Online Affiliate

    Hello I'm Sandra, I joined this forum because of the many great resources available for those of us who are new to marketing or who are already doing fine and are willing to share some insight and knowledge on current and future trends in online marketing. I am considered a motivated affiliate...
  11. Anna2017

    Announcement !!!! 191k+ affiliate offers. all niches. all geo's

    Affbank - it is CPA Affiliate Offers Search Engine and Networks Directory with great tools for Affiliates Affbank provides you an easy search of 191k+ offers from 155 Affiliate Networks. You can look up and compare payouts, GEO's and landing pages! Affbank has powerful and free Spy Tool -...
  12. Zubayer Rahman Sayem

    Zubayer Rahman Sayem

    Entrepreneur, WordPress Developer & Advanced knowledge on Marketing. People say "Slow and steady wins the race" - I actually don't believe it. I believe my power principle "Change brings opportunity! Quick change brings quick opportunity!" You can always be more, have more and do more because...
  13. Bridget Malone

    Hi Everyone, My Name is Bridget Malone

    Hi, My name is Bridget Malone. I am the daughter of the late middleweight boxer Bob Satterfield. I have been a affiliate marketer for six years.
  14. O

    CPA Marketing 101

    What is CPA Marketing
  15. M

    Seeking affiliate marketer for long-term cooperation

    Hi, I am looking for an independent and creative affiliate marketer, who would like to help me monetize portfolio of my domain names. I have small, but growing portfolio of domain names .com and .cc from different fields. I also have several adult domain names. My goal is to raise the value of...
  16. Bahbahjimmy

    Trends In Traffic Sources

    In the 21st Century, a noticeable trend is the level at which Traffic sources works. Some traffic sources continue to stay as strong as there were some are losing their edge. While for some you would need to spend more (Native, AdWords), while with others you will not need to spend much (POP...
  17. I

    Hiring Affiliates To Sell $399 Product, Great Commission

    Hello all! We are looking for affiliates marketers to sell our product. The sales price is $399 and we pay up to 20% commission on each sale. Our product is HIGHLY in demand, the market is very expensive so our product has a huge competitive edge on the pricing and consumers are desperately...
  18. Moses Chukwu

    Glad to be here

    Hi pals, welcome a fellow CPA marketer. Hope to contribute awesomely to the community
  19. PurusDigital

    Introduction | Mariaelena | Purus Digital

    Hi everyone, I am Mariaelena from Greece, the Account Executive for Purus Digital Affiliate Network. I've been a lurker at AffiliateFix for a while, and am finally joining! I want to make effective affiliate marketing! Many thanks,
  20. akolipenoukou

    A New Member in the Forum

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum and I would want to introduce myself to you. My name is Akoli Penoukou. I live in Lome, the capital city of the small West African country of Togo. I am a teacher, translator, affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate and a blogger. I have been doing...