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  1. kenjiro

    Seeking Help Roadmap For Low Budget Newbie Friendly Affiliate Marketing Journey

    Hi, let me introduce myself: - New to affiliate marketing. - A senior web developer. - Have intermediate skills in SEO. - Know how to use paid traffic sources like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Meta Ads, etc. I've never made money from affiliate marketing. I've always found new clients on platforms...
  2. M

    Traffic Source Help

    Hey good afternoon to all, I'm pretty new to affiliate marketing and just getting started. I have my squeeze page set up, my follow up emails ready to go, and ready start building a list. What I didn't realize is how hard it is to find an actual traffic source lol. I've been struggling a lot...
  3. A

    Beginner in the financial vertical

    Hello! Hope you're all doing well. I've been diving into the affiliate marketing world for about two months now, mainly focusing on financial and payday loan offers. My source is FB, I run traffic to the prelander, constructed in my aff network, with a set of Philippine offers. Is there anyone...
  4. RickWong

    Seeking Help A new journey to media buying

    hey guys I'm Rick, have been working as an affiliate manager in a network for one year. I want to start my career of media buying. Now I have a tiktok ads account and want to start with dating offers. I want to use this post as a way to record my growth. Also getting some help here.
  5. RickWong

    new to the forum

    hey guys, nice to meet you all. It's Rick by the way. I find the forum on a blog. I have been AM in a network for like 1 years. and now I want to be media buyer and start from tiktok. Hope to find the good friends here and help each other.
  6. K

    First Campaign Results - Any Advice?

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing with a background in ecommerce. I launched my first campaign for an offer in the ecommerce beauty space targeting middle-aged women. Any advice on my next step in improving my campaign is greatly appreciated. Funnel: Meta Ads -> Bridge Page on my website ->...
  7. T J Tutor

    Gold Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Be active in this community, ask loads of questions, take action, and be committed. That's how it gets done! Use this forum as a mentor. It's full of members at every level of experience which makes for many balanced perspectives for a Newbie to learn from. Take...
  8. R

    Seeking Help Maxbounty links redirect to Google search.. why?

    Hi everyone, I am new here and Into affiliate marketing as well. I joined maxbounty and started promoting offers on medium and other blogging and question/answer platforms through hyperlink. I also created landing pages using different landing page builders and wanted to promoted CPA offers...
  9. jkvic

    Are there any affiliate that are friendly to newbies?

    I have two blogs, my traffic comes from the US . Au Are there any affiliate that are friendly to newbie? Want to do dating and sweepsteak offer by the way has anyone worked with affbankaffise?
  10. Z

    Which aspects matter the most when you choose the offer?

    When you guys choose to take the offer from some products or companies, which aspects you think are the most important? Such as the popularity of their products, the scale of their company or the commission fee you might get from them? Thank you so much!
  11. G

    Aspiring Affiliator

    Hello, I am thinking of becoming an affiliator. My understanding is that first I need to develop a web site on some saleable product and to get some traffic. Only after that I would apply to the affiliate program. My question is how specific should be that website? Should I promote a specific...
  12. D

    Hi guys!

    As a newbie I want to start learning about affiliate marketing and it seems a good place to learn!
  13. Chicha Rito

    Newbie planning to get rich

    Hello community ! I'm really excited to share with you my planning to change my life in the next 5 years. I create this planning to have a goal in my life because i just passed 5 years like a rabbit jumping throught videos, websites and apps want to make some dollars but it dosn't work for...
  14. yingandyang

    Hey I'm yingandyang!

    Hello friends, My username is Yingandyang and I am brand new here to affiliate marketing. WHY: I am currently working 9to5 part time. I want to decide where I am and what I do there. Only full independence can give me this freedom. I've always been a bit nerdy and I can learn new things...
  15. aleksandrak

    Good Morning from Aleks

    Hi everyone, I am Aleks. I am new here & I hope that it will be very useful for me to meet new people (like you). :) I am interested in digital marketing, content creation, marketing, crafts, etc. I am an affiliate manager at ROIKingdom. We are currently focused on Forex and Crypto vertical...
  16. MsSkeptical

    need help getting started pls

    hi ok so im dumb af when it comes to technical stuff. i tried my hand at affiliate marketing fairly recently and i'm sucking at it big time. i need help im wasting money at ads lmao idk ahhh Okay, composure. Sorry for that mini-rant. Heres the rational perspective of my problem: I've read...
  17. irisonline

    Hi I am a newbie

    Tell me what can I post and what will make people interested. I am into affiliate marketing but I dy know where to start.
  18. mikeninerbravog

    Unix philosophy follower

    This is Mike, Programmer from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. I came to learn with you guys.
  19. Ikechi Wigwe


    My name is ikechi Wigwe from nigeria I'm a blogger, YouTuber, facebooker etc... I love finding myself on the internet. I love discovering new things by my self
  20. A

    New to FB ads+clickbank , need help

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing, currently learning facebook ads + clickbank product (nutra offer). I have some issues understanding which parts of a funnel need improvement and what are the good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel. I once saw a great video on youtube...