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What works better and give better ROI for paid traffic sources?

  • CPV advertising

  • CPC advertising

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I have some newbie questions. Let's start with them:

1. CPV advertising (paid traffic) vs. CPC advertising:
I am looking into 2 types of paid traffic: CPV and CPC. Since I'm just starting with paid traffic, I have found some networks to start with:

CPV networks:
  • Lead Impact
  • Any more suggestions (for newbie-friendly)?
  • Any experiences with providers listed above?
CPC network:
  • 7search
  • Any more suggestions (for newbie-friendly)?
If I understand correctly, CPV traffic come from people with installed browser-extensions and toolbars (AdWare). Am I right? So I can target for example "" URL and show pop-up with Amazon vouchers to people with AdWare installed, who is browsing on Amazon and looking to buy something. Am I right?

CPC networks (7search for example) shows targeted ads via it's publishers. Am I right here?

So I have been thinking about doing few campaigns on these networks:
  • Promoting a discounted Managed WordPress hosting offers via CPV to people visiting WPengine's website or TrafficPlanetHosting's website. Do you think it will work?
  • Promoting Amazon vouchers to people visiting (via CPV)
  • Opening PopUps (via CPV networks) to people visiting gambling (and sports betting) sites - opening affiliate link for that gambling sites, installing them an affiliate tracking cookie, so they will be counted as my referrals?
  • Opening PopUps (via CPV networks) to people searching for Cloud Cryptocurrency mining and visiting Cloud mining provider's site, opening an affiliate link for that site, which will set up a cookie to that user and counting them as my referrals
  • Promoting Managed WordPress hosting via 7search CPC advertising (targeting keywords related to WordPress hosting)
So these are few of my ideas. Please check them and any experiences about these ideas from experienced affiliate marketers will be more than welcome. If I succeed with any of these ideas, I will also write some case studies and tutorials for The Dojo in the future (to give back some knowledge to the community).

I hope that I understand paid traffic correctly and please check my understanding and comment with any advices you will have for me. :)

Kind regards,