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  1. MrGrowth

    Q? re: Competitor Site Targeting...

    Which other sites with mass traffic allow you to target competitor domains and sites the way propel media does CPV / PPV ? And how much is needed to deposit to get started? Sites that work in conjunction with a tool like Skrayp... I thought Zeropark had this functionality but does not...
  2. Trellian

    Selling Traffic High-Converting Domain Redirect Traffic | Keyword/RON Campaigns | All Verticals

    Since 2008, our Direct Search Network has provided the highest quality domain redirect traffic to affiliate marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide via keyword or RON campaigns. We offer a real-time bidding platform and get our traffic directly from Trellian-owned No middle...
  3. Stencil

    50onRed (RTX Platform) Optimization

    Hey fellas, Hope you all had a nice weekend. For those who had a nice one, I really need to ask you this, How are you optimizing your campaigns on 50onRed? I have been using this platform for about a year now.. Initially, it was all good.. Earned quite a load of money (tbh) but now since a...
  4. PPCmate

    Hello from PPCmate!

    Hello Everybody! I'd like to thank you for this unique opportunity and introduce You our self-serve advertising platform. PPCmate DSP works on RTB technology and has partnered with multiple SSPs like Google's DoubleClick, MoPub, ProperllerAds, AdCash and 100+ more. PPCmate has access to 90% of...
  5. Azhar Saleem

    I need help to approve Maxbounty & Peerfly account

    Hi everybody I need help to approve Maxbounty and Peerfly accounts. Some days ago I apply on both networks but my application was denied. Please help me to get Approval. Thanks
  6. Fapohunda Olufemi John


    I just got into PPV/CPV and i''d like to try it out as a publisher. Any PPV network like to give me a trial?. Please, message me. thanks.
  7. Alon Hollander

    Looking For Remnant traffic solution

    Does any one know good solution for remnant traffic? We can drive millions of impressions from all over the world
  8. A

    AdNetpro - CPC AdNetwork

    AdNetpro is a fast growing advertising network with various types of traffic. Our main goal is to help advertisers to find traffic at the best prices and to help publishers to gain as much profit from their traffic as possible. We place our advertisers’ ads on our publishers’ websites and...
  9. R

    Some newbie questions

    Hi, I have some newbie questions. Let's start with them: 1. CPV advertising (paid traffic) vs. CPC advertising: I am looking into 2 types of paid traffic: CPV and CPC. Since I'm just starting with paid traffic, I have found some networks to start with: CPV networks: Lead Impact...
  10. C

    Selling Traffic CPXCenter All Cost Metrics Offered.

    CPXCenter's White Label Performance Marketing Software Free account OR Free demo available We offer a scale able ad management system. What makes CPXCenter Performance Marketing Platform Superior? We offer: 1. Supports all cost metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL) 2. Supports all major ad...
  11. marketerLevi

    Several CPV sources compared...

    Hello guys I hope the thread title to not be misleading. I am more posting this in hopes for others to chime in on the differences between a few of the top CPV traffic sources. Namely: Zeropark Vs. DNTX: From what I gather from my research, ZP has better traffic quality and quantity, while DNTX...
  12. Pledesma

    Much To Learn

    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this community. Interested in learning how and where to promote CPA and CPV methods. Will start absorbing as much info as I can.
  13. A

    Follow Along of initial conversion

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to internet marketing and just chance upon CPA marketing using CPV. I just started this about a month ago with w4 network and getting paid traffics from 50 on red. Wish to share here briefly on how I got my first conversion starting out in CPA marketing. For a start, I...
  14. A

    New in CPA Marketing. Any tips?

    Hi Everyone, I am just start doing CPA marketing about a month ago. So far I'm using w4 network and 50or traffic source. I have created about 30 campaigns and got a few small conversions after two weeks on it and then it seems to slow down. I think I may have miss a piece of the jig saw puzzle...
  15. E

    Eddie's intro

    I am and internet/affiliate marketer. I've been on the internet doing affiliate marketing for two years. I have a great deal of experience with fiverr, getresponse, aweber, CPA, CPV and I have a list of over 9700 subscribers on my autoresponder. I am waiting for a fiverr seller to finish my...